Chess Edinburgh

Chess Edinburgh is an amalgamation of all adult affiliated chess clubs within Edinburgh and the Lothians and undertakes a variety of functions to promote the game in the area.


Leagues 2023-24 - Back to Normal

Having been unable to play over the board for two years from 2020 due to the Covid pandemic restrictions, the 2022-23 season was somewhat transitional, with fewer teams taking part and the Allegro League not running.

Happily the 2023-24 season is back to normal with 33 teams taking part in the leagues and the Allegro League resuming with 14 teams.

Edinburgh Congress as yet uncertain

As yet we are uncertain whether the congress can be resumed this season. Finding a venue has been increasingly difficult over the last decade and since the pandemic the situation has if anything become more difficult, with fewer venues available, steeply rising costs for hiring those that are available, and restrictions on the hours that they can open for events. We are continuing our attempts to resume the congress and will advise when any progress has been made.

Other events taking place in Edinburgh

East of Scotland UK Chess Challenge Megafinal

Juniors may be inteested in this event on Saturday 23rd March 9:30 - 5:00pm at Broughton High School, 9 East Fettes Ave, Edinburgh EH4 1EG.

Registration site

The Megafinal is part of the UK Chess Challenge, the UK’s largest junior chess tournament, and your chance to qualify for the Gigafinals. More details are on the UK Chess Challenge website

Team Events

Chess Edinburgh organises League, Allegro League and Cup competitions amongst its member clubs in the Lothians.

4 League divisions run from Oct - April for players of all standards. The Allegro League runs at a central venue one night a month from Oct-Mar.

Individual Events

Chess Edinburgh organises the annual Edinburgh Chess Congress - one of the largest weekend congresses anywhere in the UK and the largest in Scotland - as well as the Lothians Championship and the one-day Lothians Allegro.

Junior support

Chess Edinburgh actively supports junior chess including the Primary and Secondary schools leagues, and has provided financial assistance and help with the training of juniors.

We have for some years supported the Tiger Cubs team playing in the League through Edinburgh Chess Club, and this year are delighted to see Edinburgh West entering their own junior team.

Chess Edinburgh has organised the Scottish Chess Championships for Chess Scotland on several occasions and in 2003 assisted the British Chess Federation in bringing the British Chess Championships to Edinburgh where it enjoyed one of its most successful events. We are also keen to see the development of events for female players - numbers having risen following the film The Queen's Gambit - and have supported such events since the ending of lockdown.

Entry forms for congresses organised by Chess Edinburgh can be downloaded from the site and provisional entries can be made on-line.

Chess in the Park

Over the last few years we have been happy to lend our support to the idea of playing chess in Princes Street Gardens. This has proved popuar, although a fire at the premises in June 2022 disrupted things for a while. Play normally occurs on Thursdays and Sunday from Spring to Autumn.

We're always happy to hear any feedback and constructive suggestions; please send any comments to