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Council Members and Contacts

Position Name Phone
Honorary President Willie Grant 0131 554 5068  
President David Stewart 01875 616637  
Vice-President Jim Wallace 01383 722572  
General Secretary David Watson 0131 334 1062  
Treasurer Eddie Gillespie 0131 657 2689  
League Secretary Calum McGillivray 07731 645689  
Congress Director David Stewart 01875 616637  
Tournaments Secretary Martin Robinson 0131 447 3148  
Minutes Secretary Dave Watson 0131 334 1062  
Primary Schools Dave Taylor 0131 447 6713  
Secondary Schools Andrew Green 07981 895497  
Webmaster Bill Marshall 07969 778522  
Council Member 1 Crawford Macnab 0791 7131108  
Council Member 2 Raj Bhopal 0131 229 7023  
Council Member 3 Vacant  
Council Member 4 Vacant  
Council Member 5 Vacant  
Auditor Robin Murray 0131 466 3451  
Child Abuse Contact  


From November 2006 we decided to remove the council email addresses from the site. This was mostly to do with the fact that the continuing increase in spam had rendered them almost unusable, and partly since they were hardly ever used apart from internal council messages which can be handled in another way.

Phone numbers are still listed above if you need to contact a council member, and I have retained the webmaster address so that if anyone needs to contact me or needs to pass on a message to another council member then that facility is still available.

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