Summer Cup & Plate Rules

Last Amended March 2024

1. The Summer Cup Competition and the associated Plate Competition, for first round losers, is a team event which will take place between March and September. Each team will consist of six players. In general, the Chess Edinburgh Rules Concerning Adult Matches will apply, although there are a few differences. The event is free to enter for those clubs presently playing in the Edinburgh Chess League.

2. Clubs can enter as many teams as they can support, but for this competition players are not interchangeable between teams. As this is a knockout event it is necessary to introduce a quick- play finish to ensure a decisive result on the night. All games played will be graded.

3. To give all teams an equal chance of winning a handicap system will operate as follows: A player graded over 200 points below his/her opponent will be awarded a handicap bonus of 3/4 point and a player graded between 100 and 200 points below his/her opponent will receive a handicap bonus of 1/2 point. For example:

Handicap Team A Team B Handicap
  2300 1800 ¾
  1900 1800 ½
  1800 1705  
  1650 1700  
¾ 1500 1705  
½ 1450 1650  

4. In this example the handicap bonuses are equal, so the match would be unaffected by handicap. The cumulative score is gained by adding the team's handicap bonus to its match score.

5. For Junior players, add the following additions to the published grades: For

  • age 12 or less add 120 points,
  • age 13 add 110,
  • age 14 add 100,
  • age 15 add 85,
  • age 16 add 65,
  • age 17 add 45,
  • age 18 add 40,
  • age 19 add 35 and for
  • age 20 add 20 points.

These additions should not apply when using the new season’s Grading List.

6. The rate of play will be 34 moves in 1 hr 10 mins followed by a 15 minute quick-play finish.

7. The time between the first few rounds will be about two weeks.

8. With equal cumulative scores, board elimination (commencing with board 6) will decide the winner. Handicap will be considered for this purpose. Points forfeited by default will not be discounted.

9. Unrated players should be assessed by their Team Captain and assigned a realistic rating. If the organisers feel a player has been deliberately under-rated they may take appropriate action against that team. Teams must be selected in order of known playing strength.

10. It is essential that Team Captains can be contacted by telephone.

11. Any questions concerning this tournament should be addressed to the League Secretary.

12. The most up to date Scottish Grading List available at the time of each match will be used for deciding players' grades. This might mean a change of Grading List between the start and finish of the competition.