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Lothians Championship

The Lothian’s Championship a 5 Round Swiss Competition is open to all players of all Member Clubs within Chess Edinburgh and Lothians.

Matches will be played at Member Club venues on their Club night of the player with the Black pieces, with the dates and start times agreed by both players.

Players playing members of the Tiger Cubs must play their match at 7.00 pm at the Edinburgh Chess Club, 1 Alva Street, Edinburgh.

Players who use public transport can, should they wish, arrange to play the match on the Allegro League match evening at 7.30 pm on the second Thursday of each month at Slateford Bowling Club.

In the event that a suitable date cannot be agreed, the match will count as a default draw.

The time control for all matches will be: 34 moves in 70 minutes followed by 15 minutes Quick play finish.

The entry fee is £5 per player in which the Champion will win the Smerdon Cup.

Matches must be completed by the following dates:

Round 1: Friday 25th November 2016.
Round 2: Friday 23rd December 2016.
Round 3: Friday 10th February 2017.
Round 4: Friday 10th March 2017.
Round 5: Friday 7th April 2017.

Draw for Round 1

Paul Roberts 1 v 0 Bill Falconer
David Stewart W v L Vince Barron
Paul Patras 0 v 1 Calum McGillivray
Chris Donkin 1 v 0 Andrew Clark
Maurice Kelly 0 v 1 Charles Gunn-Russell
Seamus Culshaw 0 v 1 Paulius Eidukas
Bill Platts 1 v 0 Mok Chit Yeung
Peter Doris ½ v ½ Allan Buchan

Draw for Round 2

Charles Gunn-Russell 0 v 1 Paul Roberts
Paulius Eidukas 1 v 0 David Stewart
Calum McGillivray 1 v 0 Bill Platts
Steve Ritchie 0 v 1 Chris Donkin
Allan Buchan 0 v 1 John Ross
Andrew Clark 0 v 1 Peter Doris
Bill Falconer L v W Maurice Kelly
Vince Barron 1 v 0 Seamus Culshaw
Mok Chit Yeung W v L Paul Patras

Draw for Round 3

Paul Roberts   v   Paulius Eidukas
Chris Donkin 0 v 1 Calum McGillivray
John Ross 1 v 0 Peter Doris
David Stewart 1 v 0 Maurice Kelly
Mok Chit Yeung 0 v 1 Charles Gunn-Russell
Bill Platts ½ v ½ Vince Barron
Allan Buchan 1 v 0 Steve Ritchie
Seamus Culshaw ½ v ½ Paul Patras
Andrew Clark 1 v   Full Point Bye

Draw for Round 4

Calum McGillivray   v   Paul Roberts
Paulius Eidukas   v   John Ross
Charles Gunn-Russell   v   David Stewart
Vince Barron   v   Chris Donkin
Peter Doris   v   Bill Platts
Maurice Kelly   v   Allan Buchan
Mok Chit Yeung   v   Andrew Clark
Paul Patras   v   Steve Ritchie
Seamus Culshaw 1 v   Full Point Bye


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