Chess in the Gardens

An idea that was floated last year (2017) and is being taken forward in 2018 is outdoor chess of the style that is more familiar in New York or Belgrade, and we've been happy to lend our support to it.

With the enthusiastic agreement of the owner of the Fountain Cafe, Gary Scott, a number of Edinburgh players have been meeting there on Thursday afternoons from 2.00 pm onwards in West Princes Street Gardens.

Up till now the players have been bringing their own sets and clocks but now 10 chess sets are being presented to Gary and these will be available free of charge for anyone turning up and wanting to play. The presentation will be made at the Fountain Cafe on Thursday 5 April 2018 at 2.00 pm and that will mark the beginning of play on Thursdays for the year - weather permitting of course.

The Evening News ran an article about the development and expect to do a follow up after this year's opening, while you can view a video below showing IM Mark Orr playing Mark Fraser at the Cafe.