Edinburgh Chess Congress Results 2015

St Thomas of Aquin's High School

April 17th – 19th 2015

This year's congress took place in a new city-centre venue - St Thomas of Aquin's High School in Chalmers Street next to the Meadows. As we hoped, it proved to be an excellent venue which was well received by the players and we hope to use it again next year. There are car parking facilities and the school has easy access for all disabled players, including wheelchairs users.

We are greatly indebted to David Stewart who worked tirelessly to find and then organise this venue during a period when we feared we might have to cancel the congress for a year. Moreover he volunteered to come out of retirement and act as Congress Director one more time - which considering the number of congresses he's organised for us with great success over many years is really going the extra mile.


Report by David Stewart

Prizewinners list:


1st (£500) FM Alan Tate (Wandering Dragons) 4½/5  
2nd= (£65 each) IM Andrew Greet (Bearsden) 4/5  
  IM Mark Orr (Wandering Dragons) "  
  Calum MacQueen (Edinburgh) "  
  Joseph McPhillips (Bolton) "  
1st Grading Prize: (1925-2100) (£15 each) Mark Page (Kenilworth) 3½/5  
  Arthur Gil (Germany) "  
  Graeme Kafka (Edinburgh) "  
  Julius Schwartz (Edinburgh University) "  
2nd Grading Prize: (£50) Declan Shafi (Castlehill) 3½/5  
East of Scotland Champion (£50) FM Alan Tate (Wandering Dragons) 4½/5  
Edinburgh Evening News Cup (£30) Declan Shafi (Castlehill) 3½/5  

Challengers Event

1st (£150) John Smith (Edinburgh) 4/5  
2nd= (£10 each) Richard Kynoch (Wandering Dragons) 3½/5  
  Neil Irving (Bon Accord) "  
  Sandy Storey (Perth) "  
  Joshua Ferdnandez (Gosforth) "  
  Phil Thomas (Hamilton) "  
  Brendan O'Gorman (DHSS) "  
  Cornelius Ippel (Netherlands) "  
  Rob Warmerdam (Netherlands) "  
  Rosie Giulian (Giffnock) "  
Grading Prize (£10 each) Holden Davis (Penrith) 3/5  
  Stavros Karampatos (Dumfries) "  
  Euan Gray (Bon Accord) "  

Major Event

1st= (£110 each) Findlay Murray (Bank of Scotland) 4½/5  
  Jamie O'Connor (Sandy Bells)    
Grading Prize: (£30) Ben Volland (Dunfermline) 3½/5  

Bishops Event

1st= (£150 each) David Hewitt (Stirling) 4/5  
  Charles Gunn-Russell (Balerno) "  
  Rakhel Parida (Corstorphine) "  
Grading prize (£15 each) Subhayu Banerjee (Castlehill) 3½/5  
  Rachel Smith (Ayr) "  

Knights Event

1st= (£110 each) Ben Hartman (Badgers Brook) 4½/5  
  Ruairidh McKay (Musselburgh) "  
Grading Prize (£30) Darren Gillies (Hamilton) 3½/5  
Under 16 Prize (£30) James Hartman (Tiger Cubs) 4/5  

Other Prizes

Prize Draw (£30) Stephen Kee (Atticus)    
Giant Killer Prize (£30) Lukah Connelly-Sams (Edinburgh)    
Lukah, grade 924, defeated Vipin Zamvar
(Edinburgh) grade 1603 a grading difference
of 679 points in the Major Event.