Edinburgh Chess Congress Results

David Lloyd Leisure

April 4th – 6th, 2014

Report by Jim Wallace


Prizewinners list:


1st= (£375 each) IM Mark Orr (Wandering Dragons) 4½/5  
  FM Alan Tate (Wandering Dragons) 4½/5  
1st Grading Prize: (1900-2100) (£25 each) Raj Bhopal (Wandering Dragons) 3½/5  
  Duncan Campbell (Oban) "  
2nd Grading Prize: (£50) Peter Smith (Ayr) 3/5  
East of Scotland Champion (£25 each) IM Mark Orr & FM Alan Tate   4½/5  
Edinburgh Evening News Cup (£30) Kai Pannwitz (Inverness) 2/5  

Challengers Event

1st (£150) Richard Kynoch (Wandering Dragons) 4/5  
2nd (£25 each) Joe Parks (Kilmarnock) 3½/5  
  Mike Cavanagh (Bon Accord) "  
  Donald Heron (Wandering Dragons) "  
Grading Prize (£30) Euan Gray (North Juniors) 3½/5  

Major Event

1st (£150 ) Nicolas Mahoney (England) 4½/5  
2nd (£25 each) Nile Irving (Stirling) 3½/5  
  Noel Boustread (England) "  
  Chris Donkin (Wandering Dragons) "  
Grading Prize: (£10 each) David Potts (Bellshill) 3/5  
  Calum McGillivray (Edinburgh) "  
  Paul Shafi (Castlehill) "  

Bishops Event

1st (£150 each) Jason Maxwell (Austin Friars) 5/5  
2nd Prize (£35 each) Simon Kerridge (Bearsden) 4/5  
  Bryan O’Rourke (Dunfermline) "  
Grading prize (£30) Bruce Chalmers (Renfrew) 3½/5  

Knights Event

1st (£150) Tariq Pasha (North Juniors) 4½/5  
2nd= (£20) Andrew Millar (Austin Friars) 4/5  
  Ronald Dunnet (Musselburgh) "  
  Camas Millar (Austin Friars) "  
  Sholpan Namazbayeva (England) "  
Grading Prize (£15 each) Ben Hartman (Badgers Brook) 3/5  
  Duncan DePasquale (North Juniors)    

Other Prizes

Best Game (£30)   judged by Geoff Chandler Alan Tate (Wandering Dragons)    
Most entertaining game prize
judged by Geoff Chandler
donated by Chess
Noel Boustread (England)    
Giant Killer Prize (£30) (grading difference 738) Sidharth Berera (South Morningside)    
Prize Draw (£30) Ronald Dunnet (Musselburgh)    
Dick Heathwood's slow starter prize
£10 prize incorporated into 2nd place Knights prizes.
Andrew and Camas Millar (Austin Friars)