Edinburgh Chess Congress Results

George Heriot's School

April 1-3, 2011

Report by Jim Wallace


Against a background of 220 entries or under for a number of years now, 232 entries in this year’s congress must count as a big success. Over 260 must still be a target, the level achieved in 2007. Entries for the Major, Bishops and Knights are remarkably steady with a welcome large increase in the Premier. The larger numbers meant an increase in prize money allocated with extra prizes awarded in the Premier, Bishops and Knights.
Premier 60 (41), Challengers 28 (39), Major 35 (35), Bishops 48 (48), and Knights 61(57).

There was no junior tournament run this year as last years was not well attended at all. There were 22 juniors in the Knights, a good reason to introduce a top junior prize in that section as the numbers entering have certainly increased over the last two years.

There were a couple of players with disabilities which necessitated the playing of their games in the refectory, not a good solution at all, but the only one available due to the short time scale involved. The offer of the library was made by the janitor but since this had not been negotiated with the school, it was felt to be unwise to accept. There were no reported problems with smoking, litter, keeping of the grass or general behavior.


Peter Woods of Chess Suppliers ran the bookstall and the quality of the bookstall, including software was excellent. The playing kit was of a high standard with a large amount of digital clocks available. The sets and boards all looked brand new. Peter also donated a book for the best placed junior in the Premier tournament.


All 5 Arbiters performed to their usual high Standard, thanks to Alex MacFarlane, Lara Barnes, Andy Howie, Donald Wilson and Gavin Saxton.

Thanks also to the members of the Council and other volunteers who helped to set the hall up on Friday 01 April 2011. Dick Heathwood for taking the entries, preparing the leader boards, pairing cards, as well as processing the grading results. Thanks go to Terry Purkins and Eddie Gillespie for assisting with the prize giving, also thanks to David Stewart for unceasing background help and support.

Prizewinners list:


1st (£500) Pavlos Bozinakis (Edinburgh University) 4½/5  
2nd = (£65 each) Andrew Greet (IM, Bearsden) 4/5  
  John K Shaw (GM, Kilmarnock) "  
  Paul E Roberts (CM, Musselburgh) "  
  Andrew B Burnett (Wandering Dragons) "  
1st Grading Prize: (£10 each) Robert Mitchell (Giffnock) 3/5  
  Richard Birkett (Inverness)    
  Graeme Kafka (Edinburgh)    
  Callum MacQueen (Giffnock)    
  Andrew McClement (Oban)    
2nd Grading Prize: (£25 each) Joe Parks (Kilmarnock) 3/5  
  Richard J P Kynoch (Edinburgh) "  
3rd Grading Prize: (£25 each) Thomas R Anderson (England) 3½/5  
  Michael Grove (Castlehill) "  
Edinburgh Evening News Cup Shivan Murdochy (Edinburgh) 3/5  

Challengers Event

1st = David G Hall (Perth) 4/5  
(£75 each) Donald Heron (Wandering Dragons) "  
  Michael J Roth (Perth) "  
Grading Prize = Chris Sykes (Lasswade) 3/5  
(£15 each) Dominic O`Rourke (Bellshill) "  

Major Event

1st (£150) Jonathan Edwards (Bon Accord) 5/5  
2nd= (£35 each) Paul McQuillan (Edinburgh Civil Service) 4/5  
  Thomas Grundy (Bank of Scotland) "  
Grading Prize: (£10 each) Rudolph J Austin (Edinburgh Civil Service) 3/5  
  William Harkins (Benarty) "  
  William G C Platts (Edinburgh) "  
  Graham Allison (Grangemouth) "  
  Peter McEwan (Bearsden) "  
Giant Killer - grading difference 822 (£30) Peter McEwan (Bearsden)    

Bishops Event

1st (£150) Simon Kerridge (Bearsden) 4.5/5  
2nd= (£25 each) David A Potts (Dundee resident) 4/5  
  John Marr (Edinburgh) "  
  John Shankland (Irvine) "  
  Martin M Chalmers (Castlehill) "  
U1411 Grading Prize (£30) Patrick M Miller (Edinburgh Civil Service) 3½/5  
U1326 Grading Prize (£30) Adam Shannon (Dunfermline) 3½/5  

Knights Event

1st= (£110 each) Jake Adamson (Sandy Bells) 4½/5  
  Steven McHarg (Badgers Brook) "  
Grading Prize (£30) Andrew McCusker (Hamilton) 3½/5  
Top junior prize in Knights (£10 each) Jonathan Blake (Stirling) 3½/5  
  Scott Jordan (Giffnock) "  
  Camas Millar (Austin Friars) "  

Best Game Prize

Andrew B Burnett (Wandering Dragons) for Round 3 game versus David Robertson - £30 (Judged by Gavin Saxton)

Prize Draw

Nicholas M S Barnaby (Widnes)