Minutes September 2018


Minutes of the Chess Edinburgh Council Meeting held at the Edinburgh Chess Club, 1 Alva Street, Edinburgh on Thursday 6th September 2018 at 19.30.

Present: David Stewart (Chairman), Eddie Gillespie, Dave Watson, Calum McGillivray, Martin Robinson, Charles Gunn–Russell and Jim O’Neil.

1. Apologies for Absence: Andrew Green, Alistair Small, Crawford Macnab and Bill Marshall

2. Minutes of Last Meeting

The Minutes of the previous meeting, held on 10th May 2018, were approved: proposed by Jim O’Neil and seconded by David Stewart.

3. Matters Arising

David Stewart is still to get the records of the previous winners from Martin Robinson in order to complete the engraving of the Division 1 Trophy.

4. Edinburgh Chess League

1. Bank of Scotland 2 defeated Balerno in the play off to decide who play in Division 2.

2. Wandering Dragons have decided to withdraw their second team from the Premier League.
To deal with this and the apparent reluctance of other clubs to enter the Premier Division, the
Council proposes that subject to the approval of the clubs concerned:
Edinburgh West are not relegated, but remain in the Premier Division
Civil Service 1 are not relegated, but remain in the First Division
Pentland Hills 2 are not relegated, but remain in the Second Division.

3. Martin Robinson and Calum McGillivray will liaise on the entries for the Leagues.

4. Bill Marshall has now put a template of the Summer Cup score-card on the website.

5. Dunbar have confirmed that they have the trophy for the Third Division.

5. Edinburgh Allegro Chess League

1 Martin Robinson has still to draft a letter to Sandy Bells warning them that their continued participation in the League will be under threat if they do not improve their record regarding often turning up late and/or with only three players. His draft will be discussed at the next Council meeting.

2. This season’s event will be held on the second Thursday of each month from October to March in Slateford Bowling Club. The cost of the premises remains £35 a night.

3. Liz Sams will assist Jim Wallace with the running of the League with a view to possibly taking over
as organiser.

6. Lothians Allegro Congress

1. The proposed date is Sunday 13th January.
2. The Quay is closing and will no longer be available as a venue.
David Stewart proposed that we use Slateford Bowling Club with a maximum entry of 80 players.
Other than tea/coffee it is doubtful if any catering would be available.
There would be two sections: over 1600 and under 1600.
Calum McGillivray will look for alternative venues.
A decision on the venue will be made at the Fixtures Meeting.
3. The trophy has still to be repaired.
7. Summer Cup/Plate

1 The Tiger Cubs are to play Wandering Dragons C in the final of the Cup.

The Plate is badly behind schedule.

8. Edinburgh Congress

1 David Stewart has almost completed his report for Chess Scotland.

2. The 2019 Congress will be held on the 5th/6th/7th of April.

3. The venue has been booked.

4. It is hoped that the Parent Teachers Association will provide catering again.

5. Chess and Bridge will provide a bookstall again.

6. Sean Marsh will repeat his coaching sessions for people interested in running chess clubs in

7. There is a need to sort out internet access and Jim O’Neill will work with David Stewart on this.

9. Lothians Championship

1. Christopher Wu of Edinburgh University will be presented with the trophy and cheque at the
Fixtures Meeting.

2. Players entering this season’s competition will be informed that they must pay the entrance fee
and clear any arrears before playing.

10. Chess in the Park

1. This is now running on Sundays as well as Thursdays and the time has been extended to 2-5pm.

2. 12 – 20 players attend with a mixture of local players and tourists.

3. There are 10 sets and 5 analogue clocks available. (Broken clocks are donated by clubs and then
repaired by Jim O’Neil.)

3. Some new members have been recruited by clubs.

11. Lothian Schools

In the absence of Liz Sams there was no report.

12. Website

1. Bill Marshall has done a good job updating information on Chess in the Park, Council Contact
details and the Calendar.

2. Jim O’Neill raised the issue of inputting results on-line.

3. The Council would like Jim O’Neil to be a back-up administrator in case Bill is ever unavailable.

13. President’s Report

David Stewart
1. reported that 40 Grading Books have been received and that they will be distributed at the Fixtures
Meeting: one per club. Clubs can buy any excess copies for £4.

2. raised the position of Honorary President and after some discussion it was decided to retain the
status quo.

3. raised problems with the Blackford team in the Allegro League and it was agreed that should they enter a team, he will remind them that they are required to provide two sets and clocks at each meeting.

14. Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer, Eddie Gillespie, reported that the accounts for the previous financial year have been audited and copies were circulated.

15. AOCB

16. Date of Next Meeting

Thursday 22nd November at 7.30pm at the Edinburgh Chess Club.

Calum McGillivray to book.

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