Allegro League Rules

(last modified Sept 2016)

1. The Chess Edinburgh Allegro League will be a team event with four players per team. Matches will take place between October and April on one evening each month at a venue as notified to team captains. There will be one division, restricted to an average rating of 1500 and under. The event is open to clubs playing in the Edinburgh Chess League and to teams made up of players who compete in the Edinburgh Chess League.

2. Once a player has competed for a team in the League, that player cannot compete for another team in the same Division in the same season.

3. Each team is responsible for providing two complete chess sets, boards and clocks.

4. Although the event is termed Allegro League, Chess Scotland's Rapidplay rules will apply. Except as modified by these rules, the normal FIDE Laws of chess will apply.

5. A schedule will be given to all competing teams. The first match of each evening will commence at 7.30 pm with the first named team having white on the odd boards and black on the even boards. At the end of the first match, the team that plays black on Board 1 will move to another table, and play white on Board 1 in the second match which will be against a different team.  The team playing white on Board 1 in the first match will remain at the same table, welcome a new team and play black on Board 1 in the second match. The rate of play will be 30 minutes for all moves.

6. With 12 teams in the league, each team will play 11 matches with white on Board 1 not less than 5 times.  Eleven matches will involve 5½ evenings, and on the final evening there will be a play off according to position in the league; 1 v 2, 3 v 4 etc.  The fixture list will be drawn up using the table for a 12 player (or team) all-play-all tournament as displayed at the end of the Chess Scotland Rules and Regulations on their website.  An even entry above 12 teams will be based on last season's league table using Chess Scotland / All play all / Berger Tables for 12 rounds up to a maximum of 20 teams.

7. Unrated players should be assessed by their team captain and assigned a realistic rating. If the organisers feel a player has been deliberately under-rated they may take appropriate action against that team.

8. Scoring will be fully on game points. A won game will score one point, a drawn game half a point and a lost game zero points. Therefore, there are eight points per team at stake on each evening of play. However if a team defaults a match, their opponents will be awarded a 3-0 victory. This is to try and prevent default results having a distorting effect on the league placings. Any team defaulting on two or more evenings may be expelled from the league and their results annulled. Where expulsion or withdrawal of a team leads to the remaining teams not all playing the same number of matches, the percentage of possible game scores will be used to determine positions in the League.

9. Any disputes will be settled by the organisers (or their representatives) whose decision is final. Teams are expected to compete in a spirit of fair play and cooperation. It is also hoped that the event will provide a more social opportunity than normally available through the Edinburgh Chess League and that all involved will participate in making it an enjoyable event.