Minutes February 2019


Minutes of the Chess Edinburgh Council Meeting held at the Edinburgh Chess Club, 1 Alva Street, Edinburgh on Thursday 28th February 2019 at 19.30.

Present: David Stewart (Chairman), Dave Watson, Eddie Gillespie, Crawford Macnab, Calum McGillivray Jenny Wilson and David Archibald (Lothian Junior Chess), Chihon Ley and Jim O’Neil.

Chihon Ley (Edinburgh University) was co-opted onto the committee proposed by Jim O’Neil and seconded by David Stewart.

1. Apologies for Absence: Andrew Green, Alistair Small and. Martin Robinson

2. Minutes of Last Meeting

The Minutes of the previous meeting, held on 29th November 2018, were approved: proposed by Jim O’Neil and seconded by David Stewart.

3. Matters Arising

David Stewart is still to get the records of the previous winners from Martin Robinson in order to complete the engraving of the Division 1 Trophy.

4. Edinburgh Chess League

1. Calum McGillivray, the league secretary, reported that there has been a problem with Edinburgh University 1 not turning up to three matches, often without notice, and also not fielding a full team.
The Treasurer added that they have still not paid their fees for the League nor the Allegro League.
Chihon Ley said that the University first team is disorganised, partly due to pressure of work, and that he will try to speak to the captain.

David Archibald suggested that the League rules be amended, so that instead of waiting an hour to
default a match, if no member of a team has turned up after 30 minutes and that there has been no message from them regarding a delay the match should be considered a default. He agreed to put his proposal in writing for the next Council meeting.

The chairman reported that he had received an email from Edinburgh West complaining that Edinburgh
University 1 fielded teams of very different strengths in League matches. They suggested that this and
their failure on occasions to provide a full team or not turning up at all and as a result defaulting meant
that the League was not an even playing field and therefore their results should be removed from the
League table. The Council felt that a club with teams of different strengths is unfortunate but that it has
happened with many clubs due to circumstances and so no action could be taken.
David Stewart said that he would look into the League rules regarding the number of matches
defaulted for a team to have its results removed .

2. Dave Watson raised problems that arose at a recent match between Sandy Bells and Corstorphine in Division 3.
(a) Brian Duncan who was to play on Board 1 for Sandy Bells had not turned up and Sandy Bells then moved all their players up one, leaving Board 6 vacant. Brian turned up after 30 minutes and proceeded to play on the vacant Board 6. The Council ruled that this was incorrect and that Board 1 should have been left vacant. Having moved their players up a board they should then have defaulted on Board 6. Brian and the Corstorphine player on Board 6 could play a graded friendly if they chose.
(b) Peter Middleton of Sandy Bells was unable to write down his moves and his inexperienced opponent was unsettled by this and stopped writing down the moves. The Council ruled that players with a disability that prevents them writing the moves do not have to and that their opponent should record all the moves on a duplicate score sheet. However, permission for this has to be sought in writing from the League Secretary and the opposing team captain and opponent informed prior to the match. David Stewart will write to Sandy Bells.
(c) Peter Middleton had made his final move which resulted in checkmate before his opponent had hit her clock. She was trying to work out if the position had been repeated three times and she could claim a draw.
The Council ruled that Peter had acted in error as a move is not completed until the player hits her/his clock.

3. Jim O’Neill raised communication problems that had arisen when David Burns of Corstorphine, who is blind had played an opponent with limited English.
The Council ruled that Corstorphine should write to opposing clubs before a match informing them of which Board David will be playing on so that the opponents can adjust their team order if they anticipate a problem. Players changed must be within 50 grading points)

4 Results and league tables are being updated faster on the internet.

5. Edinburgh Allegro Chess League

1. This has been well attended with 14 teams and is going well.

2. Martin Robinson is still to draft a letter to Sandy Bells warning them that their continued participation in the League will be under threat if they do not improve their record regarding often turning up late and/or with only three players. It was decided to defer this until next season, depending on their record in the current season.

3. There is still no one to take over from Jim Wallace as organiser.
David Stewart will ask for volunteers at the next Allegro League pointing out that if no one
comes forward the League will fold.

6. Lothians Allegro Congress

1. David Stewart reported that it had been a big success at the new venue of Bainfield Bowling club with a 25% increase in entries and a profit of approximately £380.

2. David Stewart has booked the same venue for next year’s event on Sunday 12th January 2020

3. Martin Robinson is dealing with the repair of the trophy.

4. Organiser Martin Robinson is to write a report on the Congress.

7. Summer Cup/Plate

1. Bank of Scotland defeated Musselburgh to win the final of the Plate.

2. As there is no more room on the Plate Trophy for the names of the winners to be inscribed David Stewart asked for ideas on a replacement.

3. Calum McGillivray will advertise for entries for this summer’s event and the closing date will be the Edinburgh Congress.

8. Edinburgh Congress

1 David Stewart has still to complete his report on the 2018 Congress for Chess Scotland.

2. The entry form for the 2019 Congress is on the Chess Scotland website, in Chess Magazine,
on the ECF website and various European chess sites and David Stewart has contacted foreign
players who have previously played.
Forms were distributed at the SNCL in February and will be handed out at the Allegro League.
David Stewart will send them to all Scottish clubs.
3. The school’s Parent Teachers Association will again provide catering.

4. The arbiters will be Alex McFarlane, Andy Howie, Fiona Petrie and John McNicol.

5. There is a need to sort out internet access and Jim O’Neil will work with David Stewart on this.
The Council approved the purchase of an internet box for approximately £50 from the Congress
Account, if necessary.

6. Sean Marsh will provide four free coaching sessions for people interested in being involved in
organising chess for juniors.

7. Eddie Gillespie will inform Dave Watson of entry payments made electronically.

8. Eddie Gillespie will provide a float and will supervise the collection of entry fees with Dave

9. Lothians Championship

1. Chihon Ley will contact Christopher Wu regarding the presentation of the trophy and cheque for
last year..

2. This season’s championship is now at Round 4.

3. There are still some players who have yet to pay and the Council agreed that next year all entrants
will enter electronically and will have to pay at the same time.

10. Lothian Schools

Jenny Wilson and David Archibald reported that:

1. There had been a successful team competition for schools and clubs at Broughton High School in February. There were 180 competitors with over 20 primary and 6 secondary teams.

2. The Lothian Junior Championships are to be held on Sunday 3rd March.

3. The mega finals in Edinburgh are at the end of March and they appealed for help.

4. The current Office Bearers are all standing down.

11. Balerno Chess Club Equipment and Funds

1. It was agreed that the money donated by the now defunct Balerno Chess Club be put towards a
Junior equivalent of the Peter Elder Trophy, which will be called after the Balerno club.
George Anderson has agreed to make the trophy.

2. The Civil Service Club do not have space to store the donated sets and clocks.
It was decided that they will be divided between Chess in the Park, a possible school that David
Stewart has been in contact with and possibly a café on Easter Road which Calum McGillivray will

12. 2019 Scottish Championships

These will be played in Edinburgh from 6th to 14th July in an annexe of Stewart Melvilles.
Chess Scotland has asked Chess Edinburgh to provide a programme of social events and David Stewart volunteered to coordinate this.
13. Website

1. It is now possible to input results on-line but it could be made easier and we need a link so that
league tables can be automatically updated when results are inputted. Jim O’Neil is still to speak
to Bill Marshall about this.

2. Provision for Jim O’Neil to be a back-up administrator is still to be made.

14 President’s Report

David Stewart reported that

1. Chess in the Park will restart on the 4th of April when it will be opened by Sean Marsh. It will run
on Thursday and Sunday afternoons. The Herald plans to do an article on it.

15. Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer Eddie Gillespie reported that

1. We have a healthy surplus.

2. Claims for expenses have to be made to the Treasurer by 25th April.

16. AOCB

1. Jim O’Neil again raised the issue of clubs having written constitutions with particular need for a
child safety policy.
He will contact Richard Payne and Chess Scotland for guidance.

2. Jim O’Neill will repair analogue clocks on the condition that 50% are donated to Chess in the Park.

17. Date of Next Meeting

Thursday 25ht April at 7.30pm at the Edinburgh Chess Club.

Calum McGillivray to book.

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