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Some fo the sites I frequently visit.
I understand they have a link from there to me.
So it's only fair...

All kinds of good stuff here.
Games, puzzles, up to date news, pics..
The best is most likely the Andrew Martin articles.

Bill Wall's Chess Page

This list is just the A-B section.
C-Z contains just as many compelling 'must see' titles
I have found this site an endless pool of inspiration.
My site is laid out like this. I like the simple style.
Bill's LINKS page probably lists every chess site on the net.

19th Century Chess
1.b4 - A Short History of an Unusual Opening
100 Classic King's Gambit Miniatures
100 Years Ago in Chess (1905)
ACM Computer Chess (history of ACM computer chess events)
Addicted to Chess (humor)
Age of Chess Masters
Ajeeb the Automaton
Alekhine and the Nazis
Alekhine's Shorts (Alekhine's short chess games)
Alekhine's Writings
Amsterdam and Chess
Annoying Your Opponent - best techniques (humor)
APCT Chess Miniatures
Art and Chess (Wall)
Asimov and Chess
Automatons of chess - Turk, Ajeeb, Mephisto
Bad Chess (How Bad is Your Chess)
Best Games of Chess
Best Players of All Time (Bill Wall's list of 100 best chess players)
Blackburne Shilling Gambit (1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Nd4)
Blindfold Chess
Blog (Bill Wall's Chess Blog)
Bogart and Chess
Books, New (humor)
Bourdonnais - McDonnell match (London, 1834)

An enjoyable site to visit. Again inspiring and nicely laid out.

Chess Scotland Juniors

Designed by kids, for kids! (ran by kids)
A good sight that is well worth a visit.
The future appears to be in good hands.

Sarah's Serendipitous Chess Site

This is a blog - but a very good one.
Well laid out, informative, different and entertaining.
(another place I nocked idea from).

and that's it...
Anything else of interest you will find from links at the above sites.

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