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The New League Set Up For Season 2005/6

Well all the speculation and rumours can now come to an end.
The League committee have met and a new format for 2005/6
has at last been decided.

"It took a lot of work and fine tuning" said Terry Purkins.
"But I'm really pleased with the new format and can honestly
say I am looking forward to this season more than any other in the past."

Bill Marshall who assisted Terry with the new line up was also optimistic.

"I think this new system and layout will be copied by other leagues
up and down the country. It will be known as the Edinburgh system."

I personally like the new League set up and doubt if anyone
will complain about it. I contacted some other club for their views.

Bill Falconer: "A wonderful idea, I can't wait for the new
season to start. This is smashing."

Neil Berry: "I like it. A change like this can only be good
for Edinburgh and Scottish Chess."

Peter Elders: "I've not had time to study all of it, but I
like what I've seen so far. Terry deserves a medal."

Iain Hope: "Great. Superb. Wonderful."

And so it went on, praise after praise after praise.

The only voice of slight discontent was that of Phillip Best who said...

"'s a pity Terry and Bill never came up with this idea sooner.
I'm sure it would have tripled the club membership everywhere."

By now all club captains will have shown the new format
to their teams members so there is no need for me to explain
the layout of the leagues for the 2005/6 season.

Nice one Terry and Bill. Excellent.

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