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Puzzles, Caption Comp., New Books, New Badge

Hello Again.

First a big thank you to Colin McNab for letting us photo copy
the Booby Fischer poster he has had on his wall since 1972.

Now a couple of puzzles to get you thinking.

1) This list appeared in the METRO, Monday 4th April.
You have to complete the word by filling in the spaces.
For example the answer to the first one is PIGSTY.

One of them has a Chess connection. It was the only one I got.

- - G S T -
-- S G R A - -
- -D H P - - -
- - A C O L - - -
- - A L E M A - -
- - - - T H L O -

OK now try this...

2) On the board are placed a King, Queen, Rook, Knight and Bishop.
you have to determine where by observing that certain squares
are only attacked 2 times. D1, G5 and A7.
Armed only with this information you should be able to figure out
where the pieces are placed. There is only one solution.

3) Otto's Puzzle

White to play and mate in 2 by Otto Wirzburg.

My Most Exciting Game

Now a new feature. I get players to send me and annotate their
most exciting game. First up is Corstorphine's Peter Elder

My Most Exciting Game by Peter Elder.

My most exciting game of Chess was against Alastair White, or was
it Mark Condie. Anyway, I think it was a Bishops Opening where I
castled Queenside on the Kingside to get a minority defence.

Upon reflection I seem to recall I did not castle. Well if I did
it does not really matter in the Caro Khan.

What a game. I attacked the d-pawn or was it the e-pawn?
Come to think of it there was Knight on e4. No it was a Queen.
Well I moved my Queen to c3. No that can't be right we swapped
Queens to avoid a Rook and no pawns endgame.

Anyway on move 24 Peter Elder moved his Bishop. No wait
a minute that is me. It was raining and the forecast said....(enough...Ed).

The Caption Competition.

We had 181 entries and the winner of the 100.00 book token
(enough to get two books!) was A. Smith from Hull, again.
Now regular readers will notice that Mr A. Smith from Hull wins
all these competitions.

True he has won every competition but that is because he is good.
All this shouting "fix" and "another Chandler carve up." is
falling on deaf ears and is displaying very bad sportsmanship.

Books in the pipeline.

May: Win with the Ruy Lopez by Raymond Keene.

June: How to beat the Ruy Lopez by Eric Schiller.

July: Better Lines for White in the Ruy Lopez by Raymond Keene.

August: Even Better Defences for Black in the Ruy Lopez by Eric Schiller.

September: Win against any Defence with the Ruy Lopez by Raymond Keene.

October: Win Against any Attack in the Ruy Lopez by Eric Schiller.

November: Win Win Win with the Ruy Lopez by Raymond Keene.

December: Don't Lose Lose Lose Against the Ruy Lopez by Eric Schiller.

January: The Complete Ruy Lopez by Raymond Keene & by Eric Schiller.

February: An Even More Complete Ruy Lopez by Eric Schiller & Raymond Keene.

March: The Raymond Keene & Eric Schiller ... (Enough...Ed)

The New Bells Badge

Everyone down at Bells is very excited about the new 2005/06 badge.

We are having the hats & t-shirts printed up as I type this.



Otto's Problem 1. Rg1 (threat Qh5 mate).

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