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Scottish Championship 2010 and Thank You

This was not an easy day out due to the fact that the people who
ran the railways decided today would be the day they fixed things.

Chaos spread all over Scotland as they dug up tracks, closed tunnels,
switched off signal boxes and played with their trains sets.

I had to get a train from Edinburgh to Shotts, bus from Shotts
to Motherwell and from there a train to Hamilton.
The Shotts bus thought is was train so had to pull into each
train station between Shotts and Motherwell.

Three and a half hours it took me to get from Edinburgh to Hamilton.
Then 1 mile walk to the playing venue.

(it's only 1 mile but I got lost).

Then back again, same distance, same time.
Except this time on the walk back to Motherwell station
(I got lost again) I carried one of Neil Berry's suitcase for him.

(Neil came 3rd in the Scottish Championship pocketing 400).

Of course my suitcase weighed a ton.
I opened it up halfway there to see what I was carrying.

It was full of chess books.

Then I forgot that Mrs.Chandler had borrowed the Camera to go
the Highland Show and had all but filled up the memory card.

I took some pictures of the prize winners.
The Camera flashed but it stored nothing.

I only discovered this just when everyone left so the only
pictures I have are the few I took before the prize giving.

(good to see nothing has changed.....Ed).

The Event was won by IM Andrew Greet. (1,200).
Here is Andrew Greet at the prize giving.

Well it's where Andrew's picture should have been if Mrs C
had cleared the memory card like she said she was going to.

I've got an old picture of Andrew Greet receiving his
winners cheque from Jonathan Grant for winning the
2009 Edinburgh FIDE event. Will that do?

(I'm having fun but secretly inside I'm fuming with myself
because I took some lovely typical Corner pictures...
well the flash went at some lovely typical Corner moments).

I did however catch Andrew Greet and Andrew Green playing
in the last round of the Scottish.

But they soon got fed up playing with clocks so moved...

Nobody knows what happened in this game because the
players just up and left to go somewhere quiet.

(Andrew won...........Ed).

You can go here:

Scottish Championship 2010

And get all the results and all the games. Well most of them anyway.

After the event Andrew Greet was speaking to me about his game
against Andrew McClement.

He admits to losing his b-pawn here. Black to Play.

13...Bxb2 and if 14.Bxb2 Qb6+ (Check all Checks).

So instead of taking back on b2 he left the Rook on a1
to it's fate and threw everything at the Black King.

This popped up a few moves later. Black to play

That is a defenders nightmare.
You have an IM whose attacking skills we have seen
on the Corner before staring at you King.
You are a Rook up but perhaps not sure if you are winning.
Mating patterns start to appear, some that even don't exist.

I call these ghosts and once a defender has seen a ghost
then BOO! and that line is not looked at again.

It's unnatural to play these positions as Black.
You spend your study time looking at 'White to play and win' combinations
never 'Black to play and defend'. Who does those?

One slip and it's gone...tick...tick....tick...

It must defendable because I could have held this.


I never usually stick my oar like this but I have had these
positions as White, a dodgy but OTB perfectly playable attack.

If there is one thing I hate having to take into consideration
in these positions as an attacker is adverse checks.
A check mid-combination has ruined many of my attacks.

So I always look for a check and do I have time to give one.
Oh yes. (I've seen a cheapo).

I can see 1...Qb4 and the shot 2...Qe1+ 3.Kh2 and Ng4+ 0-1.
and 1...Qb4 2.Rh3 Qe1+ 3.Kh2 Be5+ 4.g3 Qf2+ is a perpetual.

Never said I would win it. But defend it.

And if White has to do something else to stop the check
for instance 1.Rf1 then the attack is over.

Perhaps Andrew Mac. saw this line. He should have done, it's easy enough
I spotted the cheapo and the perpetual.
But perhaps he wanted the win and not a perpetual

So back here:

He opted for gxf5 clearing g6 for Knight.
The defensive plan being Knights on f6 & g6 to hold everything.
But what is holding the Knights?

Two moves later White to play.

22.Nxe6 threatens mate on g7 22...fxe6 23. Qxg6 mate. 1-0.

And then of course there was this J.Doyle - A.Greet White to play.

Stalemates all over the place 62.Qf4+ Ke2 63.Qd2+ and Black
can either take the Queen or get pep-checked.
Avoiding either and White wins. 63...Kf1 64.Qd1+ Qf1 65.Qf3+ Kg1 66.Qg2 mate.

LuckY? Well he picked up two points when it can be demonstrated
he should only picked up one. But you always need a rub of the
green to win these things.

His brave decision to launch a kitchen sink attack and his
sheer determination in the 2nd game wins Caissa's charm.

Also don't forget Andrew beat GM's McNab and Shaw who are two
of the toughest players in Scotland to beat.

I saw this guy.

Now this is a one weird chap.
The moves of the games being played next door appeared
on his computers and I've not figured out how he does it.

I think it has something to do with the score sheets.

The players write down their moves on these special score
sheets and somehow the moves are fed to his computers.
A damn clever trick.

Dougie Bryson (Chess Correspondence of the Scotland on Sunday)
is off somewhere judging the best game prize.

But if it was up to me then I would give it to White in this game.

R.Schmerwitz v R.Montgomery White to play.

The most natural and expected move was 14.c3.

Instead White set Fiendish Trap No.116 by slipping
a Rook onto c1 to hold the c-pawn (which in turn holds the square d3).

You have to sieze these wee trick-shot moments when they pop up.
Think trap, snare and skulduggery, then you will never have to bother studying endings.

So from the previous diagram 14.Rc1 Nf6 15.Ng5 1-0.

Her majesty is doomed.
Be interesting to see if Dougie chooses this game as well.

N.Thomson - T.Malhotra
I sat in on the analysis of this game 60% of which was theory.

Tarun Malhotra is an English junior who looks about 12 years old.
You should never take on 12 year olds at opening theory
it is a recipe for disaster.

However in this case the theory was backed up with some good chess.
I got Tarun to replay his game and asked him questions on just
about every move of this opening.

In the past when I've done this with juniors I often get met
with a shrug of the shoulders and the look of total disbelief:
why are you asking? "....this is theory."

Young Tarun gave an explanation as to why the moves were
being played and he was not just playing chess by rote.

What I liked about this game was the clinical no nonsense wrap up.
Neil Thompson is a good player but here he was made to look very ordinary.
We all have bad days, but sitting there waiting for a junior, a good junior,
to run out of theory is not a healthy plan even on a good day.

[Click here to replay the game]
N.Thomson - T.Malhotra

1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 Nf6 5.Nc3 e5 6.Ndb5 d6 7.Bg5 a6 8.Na3 b5 9.Bxf6 gxf6 10.Nd5 f5 11.c3 Bg7 12.exf5 Bxf5 13.Nc2 0-0 14.Nce3 Be6 15.Bd3 f5 16.0-0 Ra7 17.a4 b4 18.Nxb4 Nxb4 19.cxb4 d5 20.b5 e4 21.Be2 f4 22.Nc2 f3 23.Bxf3 exf3 24.Re1 Qg5 25.g3 Qg4 26.Re3 d4 27.Rd3 Bc4 28.Rd2 Qh3 29.Ne1 Qf1

Finally I end with a typical Corner hackeroo. A game that would have
not looked out of place in the in the Scottish Championship played in 1885.
Sacs on f2 and mates on e7.
A.Green- D.Thomas

[Click here to replay the game]
A.Green- D.Thomas

1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nf6 3.Nc3 Nc6 4.a3 Bc5 5.Nxe5 Bxf2+ 6.Kxf2 Nxe5 7.d4 Neg4+ 8.Kg1 h5 9.Bg5 d6 10.h3 Nh6 11.Qf3 c6 12.Bc4 Qb6 13.Bxf6 gxf6 14.Qxf6 Rg8 15.Rf1 d5 16.exd5 Nf5 17.d6 Nxd4 18.Qe7

Right that's finally it.

The real reason why I has to do one more Corner was because
the fools who vote for things have voted me Scottish Chess Player of the Year.

After I announced me the Corner were parting ways
someone suggested me as a candidate.
I asked them on the Scottish Notice Board not to consider me
as all I really done on here was have fun and crack jokes.

But apparently they voted in their droves and I won by a landside.
I did consider refusing as not worthy but felt that would be an insult.

To say I'm chuffed and honoured is an under statement.
To see my name with Rowson, Aagaard, Shaw, Motwani, McNab,
Bryson, Muir, Mannion, Keti...hang on I wrote a book about that lot...

I expected nothing nor wanted anything like this.
For once I am totally speechless.
Thank you to everyone I am humbled and honoured.

I decided a proper photo shoot in a good Scottish location
was the only way to show off me and the trophy so dragged
Mrs C. to the Scottish Museum and...

Me with my Scottish blue/white set at the large set in the museum.

I made the moaning Mrs. C. climb up the stairs to get this shot.

Finally me and the shield in the Scottish Hall of Fame.

A quick plea for you guys to stop sending things to Sandy Bells.
A copy of The Chess Parrot arrived.
Thanks lads but Bells in under new management and things are a wee
bitty different from the days when Charlie ran things.
Parrot is a superb wee magazine ran by chess enthusiasts and
edited by james Pratt. More of this thing is needed in Chess.

So now signing off on this my very last Chandler Cornered.
(it's had more comebacks than Frank Sinartra).

Geoff Chandler Scottish Chess Player of the Year 2010.

emergency added bit::

Mary Trodden a female artist has captured me in oils after taking my picture
browsing for chess books in her shop.

One day I'll be changing hands for 2 million just you wait and see.
Note the Black Queen - I asked her to put a chess piece in it.

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