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The Hitler v Lenin Drawing

I bet some of you thought I had a job on the Daily Mail.
This is far better than my 'Dog on the Grading List' scam.

This sort of nonsense belongs on here and yet it is amazing how many
people believe it. Some sad gooper is prepared to pay over 40,000 for it.

This will be as easy to bust as the Lewis 'Chessmen.'
In 1909 Lenin was bald and Hitler never looked like
the Hitler we all know and hate so well.

Here is Hitler's Army photo when he was 25, about
5 years after the date claimed in the drawing.

The hilarious bit is that both of them are supposed to have
signed it on the back and some cracker jack is willing to
pay big bucks for this......(anybody got his address?).

OK I'll play along.

Here is the actual game they played.
Now of course they used slightly different rules.

Hitler would only move pieces that stood on and would land
on a white squares. (Aryan supremacy tripe and all that guff).

Lenin would only move the pawns. (Up The Workers).

So from the initial position.

We can see that Hitler's racist opinions allow him to only move
the Queen and the f1 Bishop. (The h1 Rook cannot get out as neither
the g1 Knight or the h2 pawn can move.

Note Lenin played e5-e4 to keep the f1 Bishop locked in.
Hitler could have mated Lenin with 6.Qe5 but e5 is a Black square
so his racist views backfired.

[Click here to replay the game]
Hitler - Lenin

1.c4 e5 2.Qa4 e4 3.Qc2 e3 4.Qa4 g5 5.Qb5 g4 6.Qb3 g3 7.Qd1 gxf2

So I went through my attic and I found this.

Nelson and Napoloen playing Chess.

This is was all Nelson could see of the board.

However Nelson won and celebrated by jumping into the fountain at Trafalgar Square.


And I found this!!!!

Colonel Custer and Sitting Bull playing chess.

Final position, Custer is White.

And then I found this!!!!!

(no you never...enough of this crap....ED).

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