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BCM & the Black Pawn + Secret of Chess Part II

Hello Chaps.

And let us start off with a big thank you to:

I lost a black pawn from my favourite chess set.
So I sent another pawn to BCM and they very quickly sent me a replacement.

Thanks boys that is just simply perfect.

ho ho ho. That's my little joke.

The BCM staff are brillo.
Thanks lads the replacement is spot on.

The other mag CHESS is out and it's one of their best for ages.Vol.74.No5.

My favourite female player Elisabeth Paehtz annotates a game.

Lilit Mkrtchian - Marina Romanko Euro 2009.

Black played 21...dxe5?

Elisabeth writes;

" why take not take the Knight on a4 and force White to show what she's got?

She is too scared and hesitant and this is out of keeping for someone who
chooses to plays the Sicilian Defence!

Whoever says 'A' by choosing the Najdorf should say 'B' and close her
eyes and have the nerve to go all the way with it!"

And that boys is how to annotate a game of chess.
Not only can she play a good game of chess she can write an instructive note as well.

Other 'writers' (and I use the term 'writers' very liberally) simply run it
through Fritz and add sentences. Here you get a good player's actual thoughts.

On another matter, Malcolm Pein, the CHESS Editor had this
to say about Wang Xue's loss v Magnus Carlsen at Leon 2009.

The background: Wang Xue stepped into a known bad variation that
Anand had lost with in 16 moves v Ivanchuk in Leon 2008.
Obviously the game was unknown to Wang Xue, which in itself is incredible...

Malcolm writes;

" is for me a source of great disappointment that some top-flight
grandmasters rely so heavily on theory that, at the board, they seem
unable to find the best moves when cut adrift from the book."

Well put Martin Pein.

That is why you never see none of these guys hacking it out in weekend tournaments.

"it's the low prize money." they moan.

Nuts. It 'cos weekenderss don't play theory they play chess and these clowns
would get found out big time and the whole industry would come crashing down.

No doubt we will all read about it in 'NEW 'excuses why you lose a game' IN CHESS'
Well some of you lot will, I don't buy the thing. £7.95 you are having a larf!

In the very few I have read, the only player who I've ever seen not offer an
excuse of some kind for a loss is Magnus Carlsen (more about Magnus later).

Vol 3: 2009 (I only have this because it's got one of my games in it)

When asked about a loss, he simply shrugged his shoulders.

"...such is life."

Which brings me on nicely to....

Keith Arkell saw the 'Secret of Chess' article (see previous Corner)
and posted a reply in the ECF Forum I have his and their permission to use it.

English Chess Forum Link

The Secret of Chess Part II

Everybody wants to improve their position, to accumulate small,or better still,
large advantages. But the truth is that it is very hard to do this unless you can
persuade your opponent to oblige.

How do we do this? (we being the GM's....Geoff)

Well one way is to have them believe that if they doesn't do anything,
then we will accumulate teeny weeny little advantages.

So tiny that they won't percieve them until they have added up to
something all too tangible, by which time it might be too late.

So the opponent has this eerie feeling that they are being 'ground down'
and must do something to prevent it.

And this is 'The Sting'

They panic and lashes out somewhere. Perhaps for example, launching an inappropriate K-side attack.

It is only at this point that we (the GM's) make serious progress, because all the time
the real strength of the connoisseur of this method is his tactical ability!

The premature action is rebuffed, and we have used our opponent's reaction to make real gains.

In order to maximise success using this method,
the following is necessary, or at least desirable:

You must generate a general belief that you are rubbish at and don't like tactics.

You must manipulate the chess press into also believing this and feed them games
from time to time which emphasize it while at the same time appearing to protest
the publication of these games.

They must never get wind of the fact that they are your puppets.

(I've been tricked into feeling sorry for him!....Geoff)

The only unpleasant aspect of this method is the necessity to lose games
from time to time due to simple tactical 'oversights'.

I recommend alcohol induced anaesthesis preferably imbibed the previous night
as the simplest way to achieve this. You will not then have to try too hard to blunder
and your sleepiness at the board will drown out the pain of the blunder.

So there you have it.

The secret is out...or is it?

GM Keith Arkell

I think I have it.
They are not pretending to be doing nothing. They are doing nothing.
We think they are doing something so we do something.
And when we do something they stop doing nothing and crush us.

A Cunning lot these GM's.

Cheers Keith.

It did not take me long to find another example.
This is from the RHP website.

Here we see a GM (obviously in disguise) doing nothing,
even when his pieces are attacked he simply let's them go.
He waits till his opponent is three pieces up and then hits
him with a tactical master blow.

[Click here to replay the game]
A GM's Mug - A GM

1.e4 g6 2.d4 Nf6 3.e5 Ne4 4.Qf3 d5 5.Bd3 Bf5 6.Bb5+ c6 7.Bd3 e6 8.Nd2 Nd7 9.Nxe4 dxe4 10.Bxe4 Bg7 11.Bxf5 exf5 12.Ne2 Nxe5 13.dxe5 0-0 14.0-0 Bxe5 15.c3 Qc7 16.Bf4 Rad8 17.Qg3 Rd2 18.Bxe5 Qb6 19.Nd4 Qxb2 20.Rab1 Qxa2 21.Rxb7 Qc4 22.Rxa7 Re8 23.Re1 Qd5 24.Nf3 Rc2 25.Ra3 Qc5 26.Bd6 Qb6 27.Rxe8+ Kg7 28.Be5+ f6 29.Re7+ Kf8 30.Rxh7 Qb1+

It was an actual game.
I contacted Black and advised him to give up chess and start
gambling with that luck he will be a millionaire within weeks.

And now this...


What else happened from the last Corner.

Oh yes. IM Craig Pritchett got in touch about me complaining that some
of the notes in Chess Brilliancy did not give Queen sacs.
One of the examples I gave was L.Ljubojevic - J.Durao, Orense, 1974.

"Why not show how the game really finished? Now that was brilliant!!"

I know it's one of Craig's favourite games, he included it in:

Now out of print under that title but you can now buy
it as Chess World Contenders And Their Styles (Dover).

Here is the full game and yes White's 25th move is brilliant. Black infact
resigned after move 25 I've added the finish chosen in Chess Brilliancy.

[Click here to replay the game]
L.Ljubojevic - J.Durao

1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5 Bc5 4.0-0 Nd4 5.Nxd4 Bxd4 6.c3 Bb6 7.d4 c6 8.Ba4 d6 9.Na3 Bc7 10.d5 Bd7 11.dxc6 bxc6 12.Nc4 Qe7 13.f4 Nf6 14.fxe5 dxe5 15.b3 Bb6+ 16.Kh1 Nxe4 17.Ba3 Qe6 18.Qd3 f5 19.Rae1 Bc7 20.Rxf5 Qxf5 21.Rxe4 0-0-0 22.Nd6+ Bxd6 23.Qa6+ Kc7 24.Qxa7+ Kc8 25.Bb5 Rdf8 26.Qa8+ Bb8 27.Ba6+ Kc7 28.Qb7+ Kd8 29.Qxb8+ Bc8 30.Bc5

Craig has a new book just out.

ISBN 9781857445350

I have seen some pdf. extracts, A good and fresh approach without
resorting to gimmicks that treat the reader like an idiot.

This stood out.:

Lasker wrote with a sense of wonder and humility about the beauty and profound
depths in chess, but insisted that the human mind could nevertheless seek to master
the game if set free to approach its challenges playfully.

I hope I have written this book in that spirit and believe that if you approach
the goal to learn chess with this sort of attitude, you’ll be pleasantly surprised
at what you can do and how much you enjoy it.

I like that.

Good title, (In the pipeline, Chess for Queenies and Chess for Pawnees )

The advertising jingle is;

Learn about the chessboard and how the pieces move.
Grasp the relative strengths of the chessboard forces.
Master basic chess tactics and strategies.
Get on top of trickier ideas such as castling and en passant.
Realize when to attack or defend.
Develop your opening, middlegame and endgame skills.
Learn how to use your computer to enhance skills.
Discover where best to play and enjoy chess.
And after all that, be ready to play, win and enjoy!

This is turning into a classy Corner.
First a GM, then an IM. Time to lower the tone with an FM.

Keith Ruxton too saw my no Queen sac moan and sent in a game
he played on the net. He's Black and it was 5 minute game.

[Click here to replay the game]
jagua - Sandys

1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 d6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 Nf6 5.Nc3 a6 6.Bc4 e6 7.Bb3 b5 8.0-0 Be7 9.f4 Bb7 10.f5 e5 11.Nde2 Nbd7 12.Ng3 Rc8 13.a3 h5 14.h3 Rxc3 15.bxc3 h4 16.Nh1 Nxe4 17.c4 Ndf6 18.cxb5 axb5 19.Kh2 d5 20.a4 Bd6 21.axb5 Qc7 22.Ra7 Nc3 23.Qe1 e4+ 24.Kg1 0-0 25.Be3 Bh2+ 26.Kf2 Qg3+ 27.Nxg3 hxg3

...not bad....(thanks).

I see Keith has called himself after Sandy Bells Chess Club.
As good an excuse as any to show the club badge.

So a recap on events.

I whine because Queen sacs have been missed in notes and an IM and an FM send in games....

Hmmmm....I've got no money and I'm moaning about it.

Added 22nd August. (I only alter something the same day of posting)

Had a reply re The Malcolm Pein statement from my old mate Korch.
Always two sides to every opionion. I like to give a balanced view.

Korch's website

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