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Bowes-Lyon Tophy + A Chess Mystery Solved

History mocks those who have tried and failed.
Some great men are associated with failures.

Moses never saw the Promised Land, Scott was not the first to the South Pole,
The Sheriff of Nottingham never catches and hangs Robin Hood,
Gary Kasparov has never won the Bowes-Lyon Trophy.

(The What?.....Ed)

The South Pole, Scott was beaten to it by Sir Edmund Hilary.

(Not the South Pole, the trophy.....Ed)

Ah. You mean...

The Bowes-Lyon Trophy

(Yes and by the way, Hilary was the first to climb Everest...Ed)

Are you sure, I don't think Everest is at the South Pole?

(sigh....just get on with it.....Ed)

The Bowes-Lyon Trophy

Robert Burns stumbled into a junk shop and saw this magnificent
hand painted figurine of the Queen Mother and thought.

"A tournament for the under 1500's and this is the first prize."

And so it came to pass.
Every Tuesday for the past 5 weeks at the Edinburgh Chess Club
under 1500 players...

...have been fighting it out to see who would
win the Bowes-Lyon Trophy (and a copy of Rampant Chess).

Here are most of the participants.

That is Robert Burns, seated second from the right, on his right
is David Archibald who organised this jolly event.

(the bloke holding the Bowes-Lyon Trophy with the 60's haircut is Gafin Austin.)

This prized possession now sits on the mantlepiece of Peter Middleton.
Here he is getting the Bowes-Lyon Trophy (and Rampant Chess)
from Robert Burns himself.

The next event planned by Robert is the Wolf of Badenoch Cup
which is planned for Holloween Weekend (don't ask me why?).

The Strange Case of Move 25

This is a picture of Mickey Adams playing an opponent who
likes to make his moves whilst sitting under the table.

But never mind that. Look at this diagram.

And in the 1993, August CHESS this note appeared after the above position.

Which prompted this letter to appear in the 1993, September CHESS.

Which was met with this grovelling reply.

Huh! A typographical error indeed.
I put it to you that this was the original note and it
was NOT written by Michael Adams but by the pupils of
Harrowgate Primary.


I have the proof.
The Editor, Malcolm Pein...

...was playing in the Rumba Daggle Open in August 1993.
An event which lasted the whole of August, therefore he was not in the UK
to put the magazine together. So that leaves the pupils of Harrowgate Primary
who were on their summer holiday at the time.

My finger points to Abigale Palmer-Knox of P3.
She was always falling for back rank mates, even back in 1993.

Other evidence that August,1993 CHESS was put together by schoolkids.

Look at this, it's claiming Peter Leko is 13 years old.

I've just checked on 'Google', Peter Leko is 29.

Another chess mystery solved.

Now all I have to do is figure out what the Wolf of Badenoch
has to do with Halloween.

Hmmmm......Good book this Rampant Chess....

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