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The Tiger Hillarp Persson Seminar

Tiger Hillarp Persson

Tiger Hillarp Persson at the Dresden Olympiad 2008

Sweden's highest rated player, Grandmaster Tiger Hillarp Persson (rated 2619)
is giving a series of four lectures in the Edinburgh Chess Club from
Thursday the 7th of May to Sunday the 10th of May 2009.

The subject of the seminar is creativity.

Tiger is widely recognised as one of the most inventive players in the game today.
Combined with his high understanding of chess, his creativity has led him to get
winning positions against some the best players in the world, including the current World Champion.

In his seminar he will discuss the difference between a masterpiece and a spoilt one.

The event will be organised on a non-profit basis.
The fee is 100 for attending all four days,
75 for weekend attendence,
50 for single day attendance.

The timetable is as follows:

Thursday the 7th May 6.30 pm - 10.00 pm
Friday the 8th May 6.30 pm - 10.00 pm
Saturday the 9th May 10.00 pm - 14.30 pm
Sunday the 10th May 13.00 pm - 17.30 pm

There are plans to have a meal together after the training on Sunday.
As usual there will be drinks and snacks free of charge.

If you are interested then email this address for more information
on how to pay and where to send the cheque.

The Edinburgh Chess Club, 1 Alva Street, Edinburgh.
Details about this famous old club and how to get there can be found at

The Edinburgh Chess Club Homepage

And here is game by Tiger played at the 20th Politiken Cup, Copenhagen,1998
Peter Heine Nielsen - Tiger Hillarp Persson

I'm getting solar panels fitted and my house and had no electricity
for a while whilst they connected up all the important bits.

So I ambled to a net cafe and got this information printed out and came home.
I was told the power would be going on and off so played over this game
of Tigers that came with the document.

This guy certainly has the credentials for teaching creativity.
It's not that often I do a double take when playing over a game
but I did on this one.

White started it when here he played 14.Nc7 when I about to
jump the gun and play 14.Nxd6

14...Qxc7 and 15.cxd6 pawn forks Queen and Knight.
The clever stuff has started.

But it was not that move that had me suspecting the score may be wrong.
It was in this postition. Black to play his 16th move.


Now where did that one come from?

I'm getting too predictable. I see the idea 17.exf5 e4 discovering an attack
on the a1 Rook. But I don't give up my g7 Bishop for the a1 Rook. Never!
This move would not have entered my skull.

White did not take the Bishop he hit the b4 Knight instead with 17. a3
and the Knight went to d5. Why not. The e-pawn can only take one piece.

For a few moves you have the guess what is played next.
Pick the least likely you will a 50/50 chance.

I'll let you go through the rest of the game. I spotted the Knight fork
as will you. And I smiled at the 2nd last move, as will you.

The Black King moves AWAY from the dangerous looking passed d-pawn.
(32..Kf8 33.Ne6+). It all ends with a 3 piece mating pattern.
Quite a game.

I would have loved to sit in on the after game analysis.
A lot of the variations that were in the players minds did not appear on my chessboard.

[Click here to replay the game]
Peter Heine Nielsen - Tiger Hillarp Persson

1.c4 g6 2.d4 Bg7 3.e4 d6 4.Nc3 Nf6 5.Be2 0-0 6.Nf3 e5 7.0-0 Nc6 8.d5 Ne7 9.b4 a5 10.Ba3 Nh5 11.c5 axb4 12.Bxb4 Nf4 13.Nb5 c6 14.Nc7 Nexd5 15.Nxa8 Nxb4 16.cxd6 Bf5 17.a3 Nbd5 18.exd5 e4 19.Rc1 Qxa8 20.dxc6 Qxa3 21.Nh4 Be6 22.Bc4 bxc6 23.Bxe6 Qxc1 24.Qxc1 Ne2+ 25.Kh1 Nxc1 26.Bd7 Nd3 27.Bxc6 f5 28.g3 Rb8 29.Ng2 Bd4 30.Nf4 Nxf2+ 31.Kg2 Rb2 32.Bd5+ Kh8 33.Bc4 Ng4+

The solar panel guys have gone and there is now a huge new red button
in my kitchen. I wonder, if I press it will the Sun go out.

This is a short Corner as it just an advert for the visit of Tiger.
and will be pulled after the event.

But in a few days I'll be covering the Dragon 'All Star' Allegro
so back to normal then.

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