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3 Wise Queens + Chocolate Pieces

The Chess Pieces have taken over Sandy Bells.
Another glorious piece of artwork from Gerrard 'the brush' Oswald.

Here is a problem I found in The Westminister Papers by 'Ensarr' 1870.

You have heard of the three wise men?
Well meet the three wise Queens.

White to play and mate in 7.
The wise White Queens must not leave the 1st rank.

Yes I have to bow my head in shame for the mockery I've been giving the poets.
I have been reminded I too once had a chess poem published.
(my past has a nasty habit of catching up with me).
At least my poem rhymes.

The Gallant Knight

The White Knight stood on the burning board,
whilst all about him fled.
If things happen to get much worse,
his King would soon be dead.

He gazed upon his fellow pawns,
they were backward, doubled and weak.
Compensation was very little,
none of which to speak.

His comrade Bishop was all hemmed in,
his stable mate long since gone.
A pawn was attacking the last Rook,
this game would not last long.

The Queen was right out of the game,
what on earth was she doing on a2.
The King trembled behind a lone friendly pawn,
the was nothing anyone could do.

"Stay there." said the Knight to the Rook,
who was pleading to stay in the game.
"I'm leaping to d3." said the Knight,
but from the Rook no answer came.

"You stupid bungling slow stepping nag."
Screamed the Queen as the Rook was hacked.
"You have lost our Rook you blundering fool
and now I'm being attacked."

"Stay there." said the Knight to the Queen,
The pawns gasped; "She will flog him alive."
and before the Queen could utter a command,
the Knight had taken a pawn on e5.

The whole board shook, the Queen went beserk,
with a flick of a wrist she was gone.
"The embarrasement, the indignity." she howled.
"To be captured by a lowly pawn."

The Queen's screams were deafening,
the sad King had to cover his ears.
"Checkmate." yelled the Knight as he hit f7.
This time the noise turned into cheers.

The Bishop danced with the double pawns,
as the King told his Queen the good news.
Then the opposing King shouted out;
"The Knight made an illegal move."

"You were pinned to your majesty when at e5."
said the gloating Black King to the Knight.
"OOPS" said he catching a glare from his Queen.
"I'd better sleep outside the box tonight?"

Geoff Chandler 1980.

Right that's it. New Years Resolution.


Here a New Years Resolution for everyone. Don't interfere when someone else is playing.
Dew v Thomson British Championship 1938. Black to play.
Black sealed 1...Qc5+ but, according to the British Chess Magazine;
'..a number of spectators manifested displeasure at Black in continuing a drawn game'

So Black unsealed, offered a draw and everyone, spectators included, were happy.

The win is very simple, I know because I once won a game
in the exact same manner v Andrew Laing in 1978.

1... Qc5+ 2. Ka6 Qa3+ 3. Kb7 Qb4+ 4. Ka7 Kc7 and wins.

I never got box of chocolates but Angus Ruthven sent me this.

I can buy them from, 'The Harvest Garden', 56/60 Morningside Road, Edinburgh.

Right let us have a look at the last game of the year.
John Morton (I think - the handwriting is shocking) v Jake Adamson.
Bank of Scotland v Sandy Bells.

Black employs the St.George Attack. White adopts the usual set-up
slipping in a uselss h3 instead of castles, but no real harm done.

Black drops a pawn from nothing. White builds a solid but unambitious position.

("I've got the pawn so what are you going to do about it?").

Often getting a won game is the easy bit - the trouble starts converting this into an actual win.

White should have played 19.a4 or anything enterprising.
Instead Black got some play down the a-file and could
have won back his pawn (23...Rxa2 looks OK).

Sensing the game was drifting away from him, White awakes and sacs the exchange
picking up another pawn. We then come to the critical moment on move 29.

29.b5 and the game reaches some very interesting positions not all unfavourable to White.
Alas White blundered with 29.Nc2 and the Queen was forked first by a Rook and then by a Bishop.
That was that.

[Click here to replay the game]

1. d4 e6 2. e4 a6 3. Nf3 b5 4. Bd3 c5 5. c3 Bb7 6. Be3 Nf6 7. Nbd2 Qc7 8. h3 Nc6 9. dxc5 Ne5 10. Nxe5 Qxe5 11. Nf3 Qc7 12. e5 Ne4 13. Bxe4 Bxe4 14. b4 Be7 15. Bd4 O-O 16. O-O Qc6 17. Qe2 f6 18. Rfe1 f5 19.Red1 a5 20. Ne1 axb4 21. f3 Bd5 22. cxb4 Ra3 23. Rac1 Rfa8 24. Rc2 Bh4 25. Bf2 Bg5 26. Ra1 Bc4 27. Rxc4 bxc4 28. Qxc4 Bd2 29. Nc2 Rc3 30. Qd4 Rxc2 31. a3 Bc3 32. Qd3 Bxa1 33. Qxc2 Rxa3 34. Qe2 Qd5 35. Bg3 Bd4+ 36. Kh2 Ra2 37. Qb5 Qxf3

A Christmas Tree Puzzle (that came too late for the Christmas Quiz)

White to play and mate in 4.

I know you guys need all the help you can get so here are two big clues.

1. The Black King must get in out of the snow.
2. The final position will be a perfect symmetrical position.

by Heinzcat of the Red Hot Pawn Composers Club.

Speaking of Christmas. Look at the snaz-a-meego present I got my Grandson.
The castle was 6.00 from a car boot sale, the picture does not do it justice.
It's solid wood and quite large. the knights were 20p each.

Super duper. I spent all Christmas day showing him how to fight battles
with soldiers using a dice. I captured that castle about 10 times.

Finally a drawing from a boys comic that had me in stitches years ago.
Tarzan saving an Elephant from hunters.


The Three Queens solution
1. Qf1 Ka7 2. Qh1 Ka6 3. Qhg1 Ka5 4. Qgf1 Ka4 5. Qce1 Ka3 6. Qa1+ Kb3 7. Qeb1 mate.

The Christmas Tree puzzle.

1.Rd4 Kc5 (1...Ke5 2.Ke7) 2.Kc7 Kxd4 3.Kd6 Kd3 4.Nb1 mate.

A perfect Christmas tree.

Happy New Year.

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