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Womens Olympiad Round 11 + Final Placings

You can find and play over all the games from the Scottish Women on this site.

Scottish Women's Games

Austria 2 - Scotland 1

I knew this would be a hard match. This Austrian lot turned
over Turkey 4-0 who if you remember beat the Scots girls 4-0.

Board 1. Eva Moser - Heather Lang

A Dutch, Heather seemed to come out the opening OK but White was
not messing here. The more you looked the more you saw that Black's
position was getting difficult to handle.
White pinched a pawn and then another. This position appeared.

White played 28.Rxe4 and the Rook cannot be taken because of mate in 4.

A few moves after 28.Rxe4 Black resigned.

Board 2. Rosemary Guilian - Anna-Christina Kopinits

A Caro Khan Advanced. What a game. Rosie had good chances in the middle game.
I'm sure she is better. Instead of pushing and probing
she kind of sat back a bit and Black came back into the game.
It was a difficult position but when White had the c-file, I'm sure Rosie is better.

Then in the late middle game Rosie again seemed to have an edge but
again it withered out to nothing. This game went into a horrid double Knight ending.

Surely a draw, but in the final hour Rosie allowed Black a passed h-pawn.

Knights cannot handle 'a' or 'h' pawns. The White King had to watch the h-pawn.
The Lone Knight was no match for Black's King. An unlucky loss for Rosie.

Board 3. Julia Novkovic - Carey Wilman

Carey capped a fine Olympiad performance 7/10 with this cute win.
She obtained a WFM title in the previous round so now she was relaxed.

Here she plays her Pirc and is better by move 14.
Here is the game.
Carey gets a grip of it and White is hounded off the board.

[Click here to replay the game]
Julia Novkovic - Carey Wilman

1. e4 d6 2. d4 Nf6 3. Nc3 g6 4. g3 c6 5. Bg2 Bg7 6. Nge2 O-O 7. h3 Nbd7 8. O-O e5 9. Be3 Nb6 10. b3 d5 11. dxe5 Nxe4 12. f4 Nxc3 13. Nxc3 f6 14. exf6 Qxf6 15.Bd2 Qd4+ 16. Kh2 Bf5 17. Rc1 Qc5 18. Rf3 d4 19. Qg1 Qd6 20. Ne2 Rfe8 21. Qd1 Be4 22. Rf2 Rad8 23. Qh1 Bxc2 24. Rxc2 d3 25. Rc1 dxe2 26. Be1 Qd3 27. Bf3 Bb2 28. Ba5 Bxc1 29. Qxc1 Qd1 30. Qc5 e1=Q 31. Bxd1 Qxd1 32. f5 Rd5 33. Qc3 Rxf5 34. Bxb6 axb6 35. Qc4+ Qd5 36. Qc2 Rxf2+ 37. Qxf2 Rf8 38. Qe2 Qf3 39. Qc4+ Qf7

Board 4. Rhian Hughes - Helene Mira

Another reversed Dragon. This time no fianchetto of the Queen's Bishop.
Rhian just needed a draw to clinch a WFM title and after 22 moves Rhian had
it down to a Rook ending.
Mira went along with the plan no doubt thinking,

"Juniors cannot play endings." Well this one can.

I was following the game at work, Rhian must have known this
because she kept it simple and understandable. No dramatics.
If it got too double edged I would have to phone Keith to find
out what was happening.

All the pawns disapeared. Draw and another WFM title for Scotland.

Here are the final performances.

Carey Wilman and Rhian Hughes get WFM titles.
Absolutely great for Scottish Chess. Well done girls.

At the time of writing I think Heather also qualifies
due to a good result she had in a previous Olympiad.

So who won the thing? Armenia. Here are the final placings.
Scotland finished 56th with a perfect 50% score from 11 rounds P.5 W.5 D.1 L.5

Rk.SNo TeamTeamGames+=-TB1TB2TB3TB4
14 GeorgiaGEO1182118411.514831
22 UkraineUKR1174018406.514630
37 United States of AmericaUSA1181217390.514530.5
41 RussiaRUS117311736714429.5
59 PolandPOL1181217364.515727.5
66 ArmeniaARM118031635314528
710 SerbiaSRB1172216318.514626.5
83 ChinaCHN1163215392.515927.5
921 IsraelISR116321532513727.5
1026 BelarusBLR1163215317.511929.5
1116 RomaniaROU1171315306.514626.5
1233 ItalyITA116321528013026.5
135 FranceFRA1162314336.513729.5
148 HungaryHUN116231432114826.5
1511 IndiaIND1162314320.514525
1615 SlovakiaSVK1170414299.513426
1747 MongoliaMGL116231428914023.5
1817 NetherlandsNED117041428614324
1913 BulgariaBUL116231428212726.5
2030 CroatiaCRO1170414281.512327.5
2112 Germany 1GER1115421427913224.5
2243 UzbekistanUZB116231426713724
2322 SpainESP1170414266.513524.5
2419 GreeceGRE1161413307.512429.5
2525 CubaCUB116141328812528
2624 VietnamVIE1161413272.513325
2736 AustriaAUT1161413269.513524.5
2827 LatviaLAT1153313266.512426
2929 ArgentinaARG116141326212527
3042 TurkeyTUR1161413249.512125.5
3128 AzerbaijanAZE1153313246.514121.5
3246 EstoniaEST1161413245.511826
3332 MoldovaMDA116141323813223
3448 Germany 2GER2116141323613123
3534 MontenegroMNE1161413227.511924.5
3618 Czech RepublicCZE115241227012626
3714 SloveniaSLO115241226013425
3820 SwedenSWE1152412258.512026.5
3939 IranIRI115241225812227.5
4038 SwitzerlandSUI1152412257.512724.5
4144 ColombiaCOL1160512255.512226.5
4267 IndonesiaINA1152412237.512225.5
4351 PhilippinesPHI115241223211824.5
4441 LuxembourgLUX1152412227.511923.5
4535 KazakhstanKAZ1152412226.512224
4649 PortugalPOR116051221812123
4750 Germany 3GER31152412208.510925
4862 BrazilBRA116051219610724.5
4960 KyrgyzstanKGZ116051218211522.5
5031 EnglandENG115151125012424.5
5123 LithuaniaLTU114341123913022.5
5237 EcuadorECU115151123012922.5
5340 NorwayNOR115151122411824
5469 FinlandFIN115151120511024
5566 Dominican RepublicDOM1135311200.510722
5671 ScotlandSCO1151511199.510824
5773 South AfricaRSA114341119810522.5
5863 TurkmenistanTKM1051411194.511119.5
5955 Bosnia & HerzegovinaBIH115151119311521.5
6065 IcelandISL115151119110923
6168 IPCAIPCA113531118010523
6276 New ZealandNZL1151511174.510323.5
6354 AustraliaAUS114251020912021.5
6459 El SalvadorESA1142510199.510922.5
6553 CanadaCAN115061019010824
6657 MexicoMEX114251018411221.5
6756 VenezuelaVEN115061017811721
6875 GuatemalaGUA114251017610721
6964 IBCAIBCA115061016810222.5
7058 DenmarkDEN1150610163.512319.5
7172 BoliviaBOL114251016210221.5
7252 ICSCICSC115061016111718.5
7374 AlgeriaALG114251015810521.5
7461 BangladeshBAN115061015611319
7586 TajikistanTJK114251015510421.5
7683 SyriaSYR11506101559620.5
7770 AlbaniaALB114251015110819
7881 Sri LankaSRI114169169.510023
7977 WalesWLS11416914511017
8078 UruguayURU11416914010718
8179 Puerto RicoPUR11416914010319
8285 LebanonLIB1141691399818.5
8380 Costa RicaCRC11416912910318.5
8488 ParaguayPAR1141691279919
8591 QatarQAT11416912110017.5
8696 Chinese TaipeiTPE114169118.58719
8789 IraqIRQ114169117.510016
8882 EgyptEGY1140781429620
8984 United Arab EmiratesUAE1140781299818
90101 AngolaANG1132681249017.5
91103 TunisiaTUN1140781199317
92114 YemenYEM113268114.59616
93100 BotswanaBOT113268113.58819.5
9499 IrelandIRL11326894.58416.5
95107 BarbadosBAR114078819212.5
9693 JapanJPN112367119.58517
97111 NigeriaNGR1031671119413
98108 HondurasHON1123671068318.5
99102 SurinamSUR1131771058818.5
10087 MaltaMLT113177101.58517.5

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