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Chandler Cornered

My Mate Chris McKay + Blunder in Bratto

OUCH! That has just got to hurt.

See that's what I call a pal. A reliable Pal.
Last C.C. I asked for more information on the bronze statue playing chess.
Two days later! My American mate, Chris McKay, an ex-Wandering Dragon,
goes to Alberta, Canada and takes these pictures.

It is on Stephen Avenue, in Calgary, Alberta.
It's called The Winner and was done by J.Seward Johnstone Jnr.

Two days! This guy goes to a different country for Chandler Cornered.

I ask you slobs for a game. One stinking lousy game.
You do not even have to leave your own bedroom.
What arrives...... Nothing.

You guys do not deserve me. huh!

I've tried to figure out the position but as you can see some
half wit vandal has attacked it by removing some of the bits
and bending those that have been taken.

Attacking statues is quite common. Whilst searching for more
information about the above statue I came across another chess
sculpture that had been the target of a crime.

The report read.

Peter Helzer's most famous work in this region is perhaps the bronze
Chess Player that until recently was seated at a granite table in Vogel Plaza.
That work was damaged last fall when two men from Klamath Falls tried to steal it.
"The men were arrested and convicted, but the Chess Player sustained about $3,000
worth of damage," said Bev Power, park and recreation department spokesperson.
"Peter Helzer is repairing that for us and as soon as he is finished we will
put it back in Vogel Plaza."

I also came across this;

Pele's Statue Vandalised
A 19-year-old homeless man, who confessed to sawing the arms off a
bronze statue of Pele and selling them to a scrap metal yard was
arrested on Wednesday...

Pele's arms. Is nothing sacred?

In Edinburgh there are two statues that used to get attacked.
Greyfriars Bobby has twice had his head sawn off.
When they replaced it the last time the head was put on the
wrong way around. It's now looking down Chambers Street.
Originally it faced towards the graveyard.

This is a picture I took last night of Bobby. The head is still there.
(the wrong way around).
I've blanked out the pub behind it because it has a naff jukebox.
By the way Greyfriars Bobby is another myth that ranks along
the Lewis Gaming Pieces....

(Don't start on that again....Ed)

The other attacked statue was Earl 'The Butcher' Haig's statue on the
Esplanade outside Edinburgh Castle. It was always getting covered in red paint.

Haig was in charge of the troops during WWI. A war I cannot understand.
Why was it fought? Everytime time I try I always come to the same
conclusion. Two inbred royal cousins had fallen out so millions died.

I also came across a good and interesting chess site.
Check this out and look at the Blogs. 'Juicy Plums Chess' is good (it's a chess site).

And now this...
Remember some C.C's ago. This problem with the two Knights.
White to play and win. Eisentadt & Troitsky, Schachmaty 1940
The study that Colin Bent thought was cooked.
Well I have this new piece mover thingy that I can
use from a set position. I want see if works.
White to play and win.

Well it appears to work. Let me know if anybody has any problems with it.

And that is all you are getting.

Wot no game?

You are all fed up with me making merry of your losses.

Suppose I had better put on a game just to see if it works with
that new piece mover thingy. I'm using the same piece of java script.

Here is one from Bratto where Jacob Aagaard, The current British Champion, played.
Here are the final placings. The number after their position is the grading order.
So top seed was Sergei Tiviakov. Another good result for Jacob.

1' 4-Burmakin Vladimir RUSGM 7.0 2581
2' 9-Cebalo Miso CROGM 7.0 2533
3' 3-Epishin Vladimir RUSGM 6.5 2587
4' 24-Martinez Rolly PHIIM 6.5 2428
5' 1-Tiviakov Sergei NEDGM 6.5 2648
6' 23-Siebrecht Sebastian GERIM 6.5 2431
7' 16-Aagaard Jacob SCOIM 6.5 2467
8' 10-David Alberto LUXGM 6.5 2529
9' 35-Spassov Liuben BULGM 6.0 2383
10' 33-Erturan Yakup TURFM 6.0 2389
11' 2-Khenkin Igor GERGM 6.0 2602
12' 21-BRUNO Fabio MC IM 6.0 2443
13' 5-Horvath Csaba HUNGM 6.0 2558
14' 8-Romanishin Oleg M UKRGM 6.0 2546
15' 34-Qendro Llambi ALBIM 6.0 2386
16' 25-Efimov Igor MNCGM 6.0 2426
17' 20-SHYTAJ Luca BA IM 6.0 2451
18' 11-Sax Gyula HUNGM 6.0 2522
19' 38-DVIRNYY Daniyyl TV FM 6.0 2365
20' 27-MANCA Federico PD IM 6.0 2417

So now we see the top seed in action.
This is S.Tiviakov (2648) - L.Shytaj (2451) Black has
just played 27...Qb6+ White played 28.Bb5?? (28.Kc1 holds).
So Black did not take the Bishop with a check? No. He played 28...Rfc8??
and resigned after White's next move.

Here is the full game. I've added the extra moves to show the mate.

[Click here to replay the game]
S.Tiviakov (2648) - L.Shytaj

1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 d6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 Nf6 5.Nc3 a6 6.Be3 e5 7.Nb3 Be6 8.f3 Be7 9.Qd2 0-0 10.0-0-0 a5 11.Bb5 Na6 12.Kb1 Qb8 13.Bb6 Nc7 14.Bxc7 Qxc7 15.g4 Rfd8 16.g5 Nh5 17.Nd5 Bxd5 18.exd5 f5 19.gxf6 Bxf6 20.Rhg1 Rf8 21.Rg4 Nf4 22.Nd4 exd4 23.Qxf4 d3 24.Bxd3 Bxb2 25.Qe4 Bf6 26.Qxh7+ Kf7 27.Re1 Qb6+ 28.Bb5 Rfc8 29.Rxg7+ Bxg7 30.Re7+ Kxe7 31.Qxg7+ Kd8 32.Qd7

Shocking. Even the bottom board on the lowest league in the country
would have played 28...Qxb5+ Black's grade is 2451. He finished on 6pts.
If he had won this he would have tied for first and Tiviakov would have finished
well outside the prizes.

Time Trouble? Well he resigned on the spot after 29.Rxg7+ If in T.T. you usually
carry on and play by instinct. I guess Tiviakov was lucky eh?

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