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Chandler Cornered bored as an opposite coloured Bishop...

So I'm sitting here as bored as an opposite
coloured Bishop in a Queenless ending.

So I surfed the net looking any mentions of 'Chess.'

Remember Manuel Carballo who sent me an empty packet of chess biscuits.

I found this:

Apparently they cost 39.95.

Speaking of food, how about Buttermilk Chess Pie.

Buttermilk Chess Pie Recipe
From Diana Rattray,

3 eggs, beaten
1 1/2 cups granulated sugar
3 tablespoons melted butter
1 tablespoon white cornmeal
1/3 cup buttermilk
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
1 unbaked 9-inch pie crust
Whisk together the eggs, sugar, melted butter, cornmeal, buttermilk, salt,
and vanilla. Blend well and pour into an unbaked 9-inch pastry shell.

Bake in at 375 on the bottom rack of the oven for 15 minutes;
reduce heat to 350 and bake 20 minutes longer.

and I found this review for a game called 'Lost Admiral Returns'.

"Lost Admiral Returns is like a chess game where you don't see the enemy
battle pieces until they are upon you ... unlike Chess, there are no books
on openings or endplays (sic) to give your opponent [an] advantage."

Al Toth.

And this is from a site that shows you how to design your own earrings:
(Keith Ruxton would be interested in this site).

"Game pieces are great for making earrings.
Try using chess pieces, dominoes, or whatever your favourite game is."

It's a shame if your favourite game is ten pin bowling.

I did however find a site with a set of Knight earrings.

And another site that will interest some of the boys from the Wandering Dragons.

A Chess Bracelet.

"Chess clubs really go in for these chess bracelets, also it really
looks spiffy when a scholastic chess team all walks onto the floor with
matching chess bracelets and cloths, almost professional!

Yes this is definitely the gear for the Spiffy Wandering Dragons (the Wandering Darlings).

And I came across this whilst searching for chess wallpaper.


Like chess and racquetball, the procedure for hanging wallpaper is deceptively simple
and remarkably difficult to master. Thankfully the folks over at This Old House took
the time to pump New York pro wallpaper hanger John Gregoras for his best tricks,
acquired over his twenty years of installing the sticky stuff.

Yes you can always rely on the guys at the Old House.
I wonder if we can get them to pump some Grandmaster into giving
us some tips in the endgame. This is "sticky stuff."
Failing that you can always hit your opponent with a racquetball.

And if you want to ahead...get a hat.

I was thinking about ordering a set for the boys in Bells.
(Then I thought about the ensuing argument with everyone wanting to be a Queen.)

Fancy something for the bathroom?

How about...

...a bog roll holder shaped like a pawn.

or this....

...A chess set that hangs on the wall next to the loo seat.

Heard about the constipated Grandmaster and the chess problem?
He spent ages working it out.

Remember my wee joke about working in an Origami shop? (it folded).
Well I was emailed by Mr Raymond Hobbs who said he had an Origami
book that shows you how to make a paper chess set.

So I surfed and found this chess set and board all made from paper.

The tricky bit is when you promote a pawn.
You have to unravel it and refold it into a Queen.

Gerard Pswald drew me the other night in Bells.
I like this, he makes me look younger.

Finally. Here is a set made up of Holyrood Parliament Members.

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