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Fischer - Spassky. The Stats:

Fischer - Spassky 1972. The Stats.

It was 35 years ago in Reykjavik that the world finally discovered chess.

For those of us fortunate to be around in 1972 will recall the moves
and critical positions were being featured and analysed in the
main 6 o'clock news. Chess columns sprang up everywhere.
(even the SUN had a chess column).
There have been 19 books printed covering the match. If you
count the books printed in a foreign language that have not
been translated into English then this figure rises dramatically.

At one time or other, I have had in my possession all 19 books.
I still have three. The one I prefer the most is Gligoric's.

The one I disliked the most was Rueben Fine's effort.
Bobby Fischer's Conquest of the World Chess Championship.

"...the worst chess book ever written."
was a quote I once read in CHESS.
Fine not only analyses the games, (very poorly),
but he analyses Fischer as well.

I could not believe I was reading a chess book when I got
to the paragraph about Fischer's fixations.

I recall we used to stand around the chess book stalls
pointing out the rude words in the book like schoolboys.

I also like Reshevsky's book on the match.

Reshevsky was no friend of Fischer so you definitely
get a balanced view with good simple analysis, even
though you suspect it is being written between gritted teeth.

So why am I writing about Fischer-Spassky 1972?

Well it's the Monday Bank holiday and as I lay in
bed nursing my customary Monday morning hangover.
(another long night in Bells then onto The Oak where I
dis-entertained the late night revelers with my voice and three chords).

I had an idea.
Why not dig out all 1972 match games from a database,
join them up into one giant file, load it into an Excel
spreadsheet and get all the stats.

But before we see the stats I give the full World Championship
qualifying rounds. Well everyone knows about Fischer's two six nils.
But who were the other players, and what where their scores.

So let the stats begin.


and now the stats from the 20 Fischer-Spassky games.

Hang on someone is on the phone.

"There were 21 games."

"I know, but there are no moves from game 2. It was a default.
Now get off the phone and leave me alone."

Honestly, some of theses anoraks need shooting.

Did you know that 'Anoraks in town' is an anagram of Rowan Atkinson?

Two anagrams of Robert Fischer & Boris Spassky:
British roofs be skyscrappers.
Sir Serf risk chess booby trap.

Also, did you know that Neil Diamond and Barbara Streisand both went to
the same school as Bobby Fischer. Eramus Hall High, New York.

(Nicky Campbell and Magnus Magnusson both went to Edinburgh Academy.)

The Stats for the 1972 Fischer v Spassky match.

There were 1814 moves.

King moves = 205
Queen moves = 179
Bishop moves = 342
Knight moves = 268
Rook moves = 369
Pawn moves = 414
0-0 = 33
0-0-0 = 4

There were 90 checks and 381 captures.
There was one pawn promotion to a Queen (Fisher game 13).

The most visited square (not counting castling, Kg1,Kc1 Kg8 & Kc8 etc).
was the square d4. 74 times during the course of the match a pawn
or piece landed on that square.
The least visited squares were g1 and a8 each with 3.

Here is the full chessboard showing the squares visited totals.

er..... that's it.

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