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Four Hours in a Day of the Scottish Notice Board

Four Hours in the Life of the Scottish Notice Board

0900: Mr Sincere.
Hi. I want to congratulate the organisers of the Marymass Congress
for a brilliant weekend. I liked in particular the chess sets used
on the top boards. Very Professional. Well Done.

0901: Clubman.
How dare you come on here and claim the chess sets at Hamilton
are sub-standard. I resign.

0905:Angry Ant.
Quote: "Well Done." Mr. Sincere.

Why did Edinburgh 2007 not get a "Well Done?"
Why are you displaying your hatred for the hard working organisers
of the Edinburgh Congress and the Bankton Allegro for that matter,
and why oh why are you using this notice board to spout your filth?

Your kind make me sick....

...can someone please take over, I feel faint.

....I'll gladly take over.

Oh so the good chess sets were on the top boards were they?


I think who ever decided (behind closed doors no doubt) that
once again the juniors are giving 2nd.hand equipment should resign
and he and his descendants should rot in the deepest hole in HEll.

0920: GreenVeganRhino.
When the lion and the lamb drink from the same
bath water then indeed your faculties will be glum.

0925:The Old Codger.
No Posting.

0935:Parent of budding Champion No.1
I have just dropped my son off at school,
where of course he is the school chess champion - no thanks to the SJC.

I was appalled to learn that my son was denied a chance to display
his extra ordinary talent (he beat me when he was five you know) on
a top quality chess set.

1005:Parent of budding Champion No.2
Your son may be chess champion of his school (no thanks to the SJC)
but my son is also chess champion of his school.

My Son actually beat me when he was three.

1010:Parent of budding Champion No.3
I have sent my son to two different schools at the same time.
He is (no thanks to the SJC) chess champion of both schools.

My son actually played and beat me whilst still in his Mothers womb.

Quote: "I resign." Clubman.

Clubman, I have checked - you appear to hold no post to resign from.

Always with the nit-picking.

I resign from seeking a post I can resign from.

1028: GreenVeganRhino.
The May mist is crossing the lake.
Hide in the boathouse and see if you are there.

1045: The Old Codger.
No Posting.

I'm afraid I have nothing of any interest to say
nor will I be able to add anything to the points raised.

However I would like to say that I do indeed have nothing
to add and you have just wasted 5 seconds of your life reading this.

But if you are still reading this bit then I can assure you
it is just as uninteresting as the bit before it and will be
contributing nothing at all to the debate in question.

1105: Mr Sincere.
Oh Dear. All I wanted to say was how much I enjoyed Marymass
I appear to have been misquoted.

Quote: "Hi. I want..." Mr. Sincere.

When what you really mean is....
....everyone on the board of the CSA are boring
old farts with sour plum faces and sticky back eyes.

Yeah - we saw what you posted but we knew what you really meant.

1120: The Old Codger.
No Posting.

1125: George Neave.
Did Eddie Dearing play at Marymass?

I am sorry for all this confusion. Please remove my original posting.

1136: The Man with Many Fingers in the Pie.
So in your eyes Marymass was a now complete disaster.
You are an ungrateful fool - make up your mind.

1155: Cool Calm and Collected.
Stop it.
Stop all this back biting and bickering...
Stop it. Do you hear me?
Stop it.
Stop it now.

1205: The Old Codger.
No Posting.

1235: The Clubman.
Actually I have just read Mr.Sincere's posting again.

I may have got the wrong end of the stick (or thread!).
I do not think he is slagging off the Hamilton Chess sets at all.

I unresign.

Quote: "I unresign." Clubman.

Clubman, I have checked - you appear to hold no post to unresign to.

1242:The Notice Board Wit.
Did you see that? Snort.
Clubman wanted to resign but he has no post to resign from.
You just could not make it up... Ha ha ha. snort, giggle..

Where does a Policeman live?

No.1 Letsby Avenue (let's be having yooo!). Chuckle - gedditt?

Anybody got any games from Marymass with the good pieces?
(I bet they are...Good Games!!!!) snort.

The sand. The answers lay in the sand.

Has anyone seen the special announcement from the CSA?

************* Special Announcement ****************

Chess Scotland has great pleasure in announcing (no thanks to the SJC) that
we have been given a grant of 25,000 from the Scottish Executive to further
the aims and ambitions of Scottish Chess.

At an emergency meeting it was decided to hire Grabbit & Cashit Consultants
who will be advising us on what we can spend it on.

Their fee: 25,000.


1300:The Old Codger.
I think I have finally managed to figure out how this
new Notice board works. Anything happen whilst I was off air?

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