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Chandler Cornered

The Computers Are Fighting Back!

So there I was playing chess against a small computer.
The Mephisto travel set. Not bad, infact quite good.

I transfer the moves to a proper set, as suggested by strong
players, because one plays chess against humans on a proper set.

So I am beating it up but the computer must have sent
out a distress signal because Laura Croft (she of Tomb Raiders)
suddenly appeared and started smashing up my chess set.

This must be a new feature on these machines.
I was not amused, that set cost me 10.00.

Still I suppose I should count myself lucky.
That big Dragon from Final Fantasy VII could have answered
the distress call and instead of breaking a few pawns,
this thing would have smashed the house up.

Now see this.
Last night (Sunday 6th May) we were playing 5 minute chess in Bells,
winner stays on. This means that Keith Ruxton gets to sit in the hot
seat till he gets bored, drunk or someone scores a fluky win.

I join the queue of lambs to the slaughter, carefully
placing myself in the order to get the White pieces.

We play, Keith gets into this mess avoiding a perpetual.
"No draws for you Chandler." he says.
So we reached this position, me (white) to play.

White wins here with a Queen sac. 1.Qc1+ Rd2 2.Qxd2!+ Qxd2 3.Rf1+ mating.

A good finish capped with a good Queen sacrifice.
So Chandler is now in the hot seat?
No. Chandler has gone to the back of the queue.

You see I actually played 1.Rf1+ and Black won with a Queen sac.
1...Qxf1!+ 2.Kxf1 Rb1+ 3.Kf2 R8b2 mating.

I don't mind. At least I got an instructive and interesting
position out of it. The dual Queen sacs are pleasing to see.
It also gave the crowd of onlookers a good laugh.
(Note how I cunningly avoided the draw. 1.Rf3+... 2.Rg3+ etc.
That would have meant a new game but with me as Black.) that's it.

(you cannot finish now it's too short. Pad it our with a picture or two...Ed)


Lyndsay McGregor, Me, Keith Ruxton.
Wait till Keith's wife spots that beer belly. Keith won't be allowed
in Bells anymore and I'll be King Coconut on the 5 minute table.

The brass plate of the Edinburgh Chess Club.
The oldest Chess Club in the world.

Inside the signed picture of Paul Charles Morphy.

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