Chess Edinburgh lewischessmen2-75h 

Chandler Cornered

Santa's House

I get the train to Queensferry Hotel to play in
the S.N.C.L. It's a 10 minute walk from the station
to the hotel. On the way there I passed this house.

So after the tournament I went back the way I came to capture the house at night.

It's brilliant. You have to see it live to really appreciate it.
A lot of the characters move and there is a tape of Christmas songs
playing in the back ground.

The is a giant Santa inside the house looking out of the window.

Whilst I was there a load of cars pulled up
with parents bringing their kids to see the house.

Go and see it. It's fantastic.
Out the station, turn right, follow the road,
go around a corner - Wonderland.

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