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This is the Christmas 2006 1st class stamp.
Look at it. I've not tampered with it.

Is Santa putting another log on the fire?

The kids must have really been bad in that house.

I picked this up at a junk shop.

There is a fascinating revelation about Alekhine on page 35.
I have never seen this statement before in any other publication
regarding Alekhine and there have been quite a few books about him.

I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned this Edward Lasker
claim before. Is it true?

I cannot tell you what it is... It's a secret.

and this...

It's a booklet all about buses on the East of Scotland.
The number 14 refers to the series number.
If you want to find out about buses on the West Scotland
then you will have to purchase No.13 (I'll keep an eye out for it).

Interesting Fact No.98
Did you know that the first urban bus operated in Europe
was from Edinburgh to Leith in 1610.
(I think I was on that bus the other day).

It was started by one Henri (sic) Anderson, a Pomeranian immigrant
and even had a royal patent granted by King James I. So there.

The booklet has numerous black and white pictures of.. er..Buses.
Here are two pictures plus the actual captions as they are written.

'Though not apparent at first, this preserved Edinburgh bus began
life in 1943 in a London Transport utility Guy Arab G77.
It was bought by Edinburgh in 1962 and rebodied by Duple-Nudd.
The Leyland front and Gardiner 6LW engine were fitted at a
later date.'

'Yes, this Lothian Leyland PD3/2 does have a 1966 registration!
Edinburgh manufactured its own BMMO-style front cowls in fibre
glass , No. 844 (EWS 844D) being one of the last 50 fitted.'

The bulk of the booklet is taken up by listing all the chassis numbers and
registration numbers of the buses operating in the East of Scotland during 1977.

What is it with women?
I gave my wife a simple instruction. "Get me a Herald."

I wanted it for Jonathan Rowson's new chess column.
I'm going to cut them all out, make a scrap book
and then after 1 year, put them all together
into a book and makes loads of money.

She comes back with The Guardian.
Apparently they have a wall chart of horses.

"I want a chess column and you bring me horses." I moan.

"Why do you want to read a chess column?" she replied and added...

"...surely by now you how the pieces move."

The woman is a Philistine.

So I go out, get the Herald and read Jonathan's column.
A nice well written piece about human blunders furnished with
a good game between Aronian and Svidler that ended with a howler.

I go into the kitchen and discover that she has put
up the Guardian Horse Wall Chart next to the fridge.

So I put up the Herald column above the kitchen sink.

There is a chess column in the Guardian. (Lenny Barden).
I've not read this one for years. These Saturday/Sunday papers are
far too expensive and heavy.

When I despatch Mrs. Chandler on my errands I usualy instruct her to fetch either
The Scotsman, The Herald or The Times, (I have a team in Times Fantasy League).
But never all three. That would be unfair and expensive.

I've seen her skip up three flights of stairs with a sack of coal
on her back and not even break sweat. But three of these Saturday tomes
might do her a damage and I may have to lift things till she recovers.

Barden usually writes well and this one is no exception.
This week it has an entertaining position from the 2006 Tal Memorial.

A.Shirov v L.Aronian Black to play.

Kasparov was watching the game and made
the comment that white's b2 pawn is decisive.

1...Rf7! 2.h7 Rf8 3.Kg7 Rh8 4.Kxh8 Kf7

White is in Zuggers. He is forced to move the b2 pawn.
5.b4 cxb3 6.c4 b2 7.d5 b1=Q and mates. 0-1.

I asked on the Chess Scotland Notice board if anybody could
recall learning anything from a game they played and used
the idea in a later game.

Heather Lang emailed me.
In the following position: Nigel Hosken - Heather Lang, 4NCL, May 2006
Heather stated her correct plan was 33...Ke5 walking the King
over to the c-pawn or possibly catching the a5 Rook that was
hemmed in by it's own pawns.

She played 33...d3 34 Kf3 and the game was drawn.

Time passed and we are now looking at:
Heather Lang - Liam Hylands, Berks & Bucks Open, August 2006.

Heather said she came up with the Rook being trapped by it's own
pawns idea adding she doubted if she would have thought it
without first seeing the concept in her game v Hosken.

So Heather hatches a wee trap. If she vacates the c-file then
her opponent may seize the file and go after the b5 pawn.
(make mental note: Heather Lang is sly, cunning and devious.)

42.Rd7 Rc8+ 43.Kd2 Rc5 44.Rxf7 Rxb5 45.b4...Trapping the Rook.

Black has to push onto d4 when he was not quite ready
to do so and this happened 45...d4 46.Re7+ Kf3 47.Re5 1-0
Black must play 47...Rxe5 and the pawn runs home.
Good chess that.

Anybody got anymore lessons from their own games?

And Finally...

Chess was in the news again this week.

The Britney Spears-Kevin Federline split up.
Practically every newspaper carried this comment:

"They did nothing all day but have sex - and play the odd game of chess."

A source revealed the truth behind the 'play the odd game of chess' quote.

"When Kevin and Britney decided to learn chess,
it was all they could do to master the positions of
the various pieces on the board. Having gotten that
far and having spent $15,000 on a hand carved,
erotic teak chess set, they decided to play checkers
with the chess pieces because it made them look intellectual."

And Finally (part 2)...

Hi Geoff,
Great to see a picture of Gerald Bonner. I recall many happy days at the
Glasgow Chess Club. Do you have any more pictures ?

W.Moundie, Shawlands.

How about this...Glasgow Chess Club League Match.

(serious note)
If anybody has any old pictures of Scottish players,
events etc. going back 25+ years send them in.

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