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Sumer Cup, Plate (and Saucer) + Jamaican (part 2)

That's me on my Daughters Wedding (I'm glad it's over).
I'm outside Sandy Bells, who recently added the chessboard
patterned floor in recognition of the pub's chess team.

The Cup, The Plate (and the Saucer).

The last C.C. was Headed the Summer Plate Final.
It was infact the Summer Cup Final. (I've corrected it).

So how did this uncharacteristic Chandler error come about?

Well after the match there was no presentation and just as I
was leaving P.C. Elders asked me if I knew where the Summer Plate was?

So somewhere along the line I got confused.

I received 5 emails telling me I wrong.

One mistake after doing this for four years.
One lousy mistake - 5 emails.

The final of the Summer Plate features Lasswade against
Corstorphine (again). More confusion.

I called the League Sec. and told him I made a mistake.
I asked if Lasswade and Corstorphine (2) could play for
the Summer Cup as I had already awarded the Summer Plate
to Corstorphine (1). He said "No."

More Wedding Pics.

The delightful Mrs. Chandler.
Here she is standing outside a Leith Pub with a fag in her hand.

The pub in question is the Leith Half Way House.
2.10 a pint! Kelly plays pool for their league team
so the bar staff wanted to put on a wee mid-reception
before the main event. I thought that was quite good of them.

(You try getting a pint for 2.10 anywhere else in
Edinburgh during The Festival. In some tourists traps
it's 4.00 a pint - FOUR flaming quid!).

The Jamaican Lad.

Well I finally found and played him.
His name is Pablo. He plays 3 minute chess
taking black all the time against anybody who wants a game.
The game is free and all he asks is a small donation.
It's for a good cause. Pablo said his grade is 2160.

He starts round about 11.00am and finishes about 3:30pm.
I arrived at 3.00 and I could see he was tired.
He getting some dodgy positions and dropping a piece
here and there but winning on time.

I watched him take on a handful of players.
Two were actually quite good and local.
I had never seen them before.
One lost on time a whole Rook up,
the other hung his King in a won position.
(King's left in check get taken - game over)

He was asking me if I knew where he can get a 29.95
digital clock. Is there anywhere in Scotland that
sells such things now that Chess Suppliers Scotland has gone?

This is what it looks like.
Taken from the advert in CHESS.

So tomorrow (the 12th August). I'm going down early
on with a flask of coffee for him and I'm going to
print off 20 flyers promoting Edinburgh & Scottish Chess
for him to hand out to anybody who beats him, or anybody he
thinks is good. I'm going to give him 5.00 for his trouble.

Here is our game.

[Click here to replay the game]
Geoff - Pablo

1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 d6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Qxd4 Nc6 5.Bb5 Bd7 6.Bxc6 Bxc6 7.Nc3 Nf6 8.Bg5 Qc7 9.Bxf6 gxf6
10.0-0-0 0-0-0 11.Qxa7 Qb8 12.Qa5 Qc7 13.Qa7 Qb8 14.Qa5 Qc7 15.Qa7 Qb8 16.Qa5

I'm winning, but the lad was knackered. I think he had one
more game after this and then called it a day.

He also plays very loud hip-hop music which I found
a bit off putting. So "I Jumped out with the perpetual."

Even though he was shattered you could see he was quite good.
In the game before me, in this position, White has just
played BxNf6. Remember Pablo takes Black all the time.

He instantly saw that gxf6 lost to Qh5 and played g6
about 1 second after Bxf6.
Although a piece down he won the game on time.

Pop along and see him, he is in the middle of Princes St.
Drop a coin in his box even if you don't play him.

Here is a copy of the coloured flyer I knocked up for Pablo to hand out.

I'm using the club crests that I designed one dreary Saturday afternoon.
I may use them again in the future. If you want me to use your own
design, then design one and send it to me.

You have just played a very strong chess player and he has been asked
to hand this leaflet to anybody who beats him or puts up a good show.

Perhaps you never realised how good you are at chess. This leaflet which
Pablo has given to you is an indication that you do have some talent for
the game. He is not handing out these leaflets at random.

Edinburgh has a thriving chess league with four divisions and every club
is always on the look out for new talent.
If you are interested then please visit the Chess Edinburgh web site where
you will see a list of chess clubs from all over and just outside Edinburgh.
If you are not from Edinburgh then visit the Chess Scotland web site and again
you will find a list of chess clubs from all over Scotland.

If your first thought of a chess club conjures up a vision of a small selective
club full of boring old grey men or swotty children.
You could not be further from the truth.

Pablo, like many good players, has toured the world with chess paying their way.
He has made many friends in many countries by playing chess.
Does Pablo look the kind of guy who mixes with grey old men and swots? No.

Chess is a vibrant exciting game and it attracts exciting and vibrant people.

There are chess tournaments run all year round in Scotland and infact all over Britain.
At the moment the British Chess Championship are being held in Swansea.
The current holder of the title, who has won it for the past two years, is a Scottish lad
from Aberdeen called Jonathan Rowson.
The first prize for winning the British title is 10,000.
So that means Jonathan has won 20,000 in two years by simply playing a game he is good at.

Good players recognise good players. Pablo has been asked to pass this leaflet onto
anyone who he thinks is or has the makings of being a good chess player.


and finally the bride:

Thank you to all the people who emailed me wishing me good luck.
It all went off without a hitch despite given the task by my daughter
of finding a hall to hold a reception in during the Edinburgh Festival.

Interesting Fact No. 65
Did you know that is a tradition in Georgie that
all brides are given a chess set on their wedding day?

Thank you Siegrun for that information, I never knew that.
If I did I would have married a girl from Newcastle...

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