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Chandler Cornered

The Da Vinci Code.... Cracked!

Robert Langdon awoke slowly.

That is the opening sentence in The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown.

I looked at the sentence again.
Langdon has the letter 'n' twice. Brown has it once.
Three 'Ns'. What does the above cross and 3 'Ns' have in common.

When I'm deep in thought and need a problem solving
I pick up my guitar and play my favourite piece of music.
The Harry Lime theme from the film ' The Third Man.'

The third man - the number 3 again. The three 3 'Ns'.

Was their a link between Joan of Arc and Captain Robert Scott
the explorer who died in 1912 trying to reach the South Pole.

Did Scott go to the Antarctic not to discover the South Pole
but to bury something. Something so sinister he had to be sure
it would never be discovered.

Arc has three letters. A Captain's rank has three shoulder pips.
There is that number three again. 1912... 12 divided by 4 is 3.

The three 'Ns'.

Then I recall where I saw that cross before.

Nunn's Chess Openings. NUNN has three 'Ns'.
You can clearly see the same cross. It is the same cross!

I checked the Oxford Companion.
John Dennis Martin Nunn. 'Ns' Everywhere. I was on the correct trail.

John Nunn does not have Anthony as a middle name.
So I went to the ruin of St. Anthony's Chapel in Edinburgh.

I could see the whole of Edinburgh.
I drew a direct line on a map and walked 2744 paces west.
(2744 = 14 * 14 * 14) N is the 14th letter of the alphabet.

I stopped outside this house.

At first I could see nothing untoward.
Then suddenly I could see that in one of the
windows there were Chess pieces on disply.

Chess pieces. John Nunn's book is about Chess.
I studied the following chess advert.

I then recreated it as best I could.

But something was wrong.
Somehow I was not creating the exact replica of the advert.
I began to think even if I spent a whole year I would never
solve the riddle of the 3 'Ns'.

...even if I spent a whole year I would never
solve the riddle of the 3 'Ns'.....

A year. Of course. One Year.
A year has 365 days. I quickly turned to page 365
in Nunn's Chess Openings.

And there it was...

Can you see it?
Page 365 is meant to be about The Queen's Gambit.
But see, I've marked the moves e4 e5, Nf3 Nc6, Bb5 Nf6.
(note the three Knight moves - the 3 'Ns').
The Queens Gambit is really the Ruy Lopez!!

Suddenly my hands turned into bushes. Damn.

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