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Turin 2006 (the disasters) + The Pub Olympiad

The Disasters

Hello shape shifters.
Whilst you lot have been following the Scottish teams
progress in the latest Olympiad. I have been looking
around looking for short games for this column.

Let us kick off with this...

E.Ermenkov (2454) - A.El Zayat (1958)
White to play...

...he played 8 d5 (actually 8 0-0 is better).
Black played 8...Ne7 (8...Bxc3+ or even 8...Nxe4)
9 Qa4+ and the Bishop on b4 is gone.
Same trap happened in Najdorf - Florence
San Pablo 1947 (Najdorf was blindfold).

Introducing to my valued surfers one Nigel Freeman.
Another one of those players who lose instructively.

N.Freeman(1749) - S.Barrientos (2430)
White, the weaker player, adopts a swap everything in sight
policy. The reasoning being if everything comes off then
how can he mate me? Not a bad idea but he carries it too far.
He sees a loose pawn and swaps a piece for this pawn.
The pin in Turin leads to a win.
Here is the game. The lemon is 15 Nxc4? Nxc4 16 Bxc4 Rxc5!
White was expecting 16...Bxc4

[Click here to replay the game]
N.Freeman - S.Barrientos

1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.Nc3 d5 4.Nf3 Bg7 5.Bf4 0-0 6.e3 c5 7.dxc5 Qa5 8.Qd2 dxc4 9.Ne4 Nc6 10.Qxa5 Nxa5 11.Nxf6+ Bxf6 12.Be5 Bxe5 13.Nxe5 Be6 14.Rc1 Rac8 15.Nxc4 Nxc4 16.Bxc4 Rxc5 17.b3 b5

Don't mention pins in Turin to Nigel Freeman (Bermuda).
as Black against Calangi in this position...

... he played 28...Bd2 (28...Be7) 29 Rd1 1-0.

And White against Soon Wei Yee in this position

He played 45 Nd4 Be5 (pinning and winning) 46 Rd1 Rd8.
There was a big swap off and d4 and White resigned.

Later on we see Nigel 'Pins' Freeman as white
against Gautam. Black has just played 25...Bc5.

I can just imagine him at the board.
"Damn, another pin - I thought I was winning."

We now leave Pins Freeman and happen upon this position.

A.Alvir(2382) - M.Amanov (2305)
Black has just 'blundered a pawn' with 12...h6

You would think a 2382 player would think before
snaffling such a pawn. What went through his mind.
"Oh he's only 2305 so he has blundered a pawn."
13 Bxh6? Bxh6 and now he resigns.
He is good enough to see 14 Qxh6 losses the h4 Knight to 14...Ng4.

H.Simonsen (2295) - J.Molina (2239)
This is a cracker. Not really a disaster but a some good chess.
Black is currently walking around with a plaster on his chin.
He cut it when his jaw hit the deck when he saw white's 19th move.

[Click here to replay the game]
H.Simonsen - J.Molina

1.e4 c6 2.Nc3 d5 3.Nf3 Bg4 4.h3 Bxf3 5.Qxf3 e6 6.a3 dxe4 7.Nxe4 Nd7 8.b4 Ngf6 9.Bb2 Nxe4 10.Qxe4 Nf6 11.Qf3 Qd5 12.Be2 Be7 13.Qc3 Rd8 14.0-0-0 0-0 15.Bc4 Qd6 16.g4 b5 17.g5 bxc4 18.gxf6 Bxf6 19.Qxf6

T.Gelashvili (2576) - A.Nauryzgaliev (2226)
Black made a mess of the opening. White has just played 14 Ne5.

Black resigned. 14...Nxe5 15 fxe5 forks the Queen and Knight.
Good in it? I like little tricks like that.

Only problem is if 15 fxe5 Qc7! 16 exf6 Qg3+ it's a perpetual.

I wonder if White realised that trick was in the position?
Would he have played the sloppy 15 fxe5?
15 dxe5 Qb4+ leaving White to find 16 Nc3!
In either case Black can save the piece and play on.

Here is the complete game - bad reading for Caro Khan players.

[Click here to replay the game]
T.Gelashvili - A.Nauryzgaliev

1.e4 c6 2.d4 d5 3.e5 Bf5 4.h4 h6 5.g4 Be4 6.f3 Bg6 7.h5 Bh7 8.e6 fxe6 9.Bd3 Bxd3 10.Qxd3 Qd6 11.f4 Nf6 12.Nf3 Nbd7 13.Qg6+ Kd8 14.Ne5

The best has been saved till last.

M.Pacheco (2331) - A.Bachmann (2414)
In this position Black played 12...??? and White resigned!


Here is the full game.

[Click here to replay the game]
M.Pacheco - A.Bachmann

1.d4 Nf6 2.Nf3 g6 3.c4 Bg7 4.Nc3 0-0 5.e4 d6 6.Be2 e5 7.0-0 exd4 8.Nxd4 Nc6 9.Be3 Re8 10.f3 Nh5 11.Qd2 Nf4 12.Rfe1

Don't Fritz it. Find it and the continuation yourself.
I'm not giving the answer. You will only peek.
This is one of those beneficial positions.
I know, I've studied hundreds of the bloody things.
I know a good example when I see one. this is a good example.
Simple - yes. But would you have seen it if the position had
popped up in a game? What does the first move do...?
What is my favourite theme? No more clues.

and finally - Forget Turin.

M.Chisholm - D.Ward
Me and the rest of the Boys from Bells have been having
our own Pub Olympiad. This game actually happened and
was played in the Wincanton Arms on Monday 29th May 2006.

The move 5...Qe8 is a cunning sly move that has the word TRAP
written all over it. I wish I had played it. A beautiful move.

[Click here to replay the game]
M.Chisholm - D.Ward

1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nf6 3.Nxe5 d5 4.Nxf7 Kxf7 5.e5 Qe8 6.d4 Be7 7.exf6 Bb4

Double check and mate.
You don't see many of them in 7 moves.

By the by, my strategy for the Pub Olympiad was...
I would see who I was playing in the next round
and then work out what damage a loss would do to my grade.
I would then decide whether or not I wanted to play.

You see my over 1900 grade is very important to me.
I must protect my grading. It's all about gradings.

Forget the Da Vinci Code - I seek the Holy Grade.

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