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Chandler Cornered

A Tale from Sleepy Hollow

Last night, Tom Floppy Ears and I decided to go for a
walk down by the dell. Tom Floppy Ears is my dog and
a more faithful friend you will not find anywhere.

I cannot quite recall who gave him the name Tom Floppy Ears.
But as I have been living alone now for 10 years and I've had
the dog for 6 of those years, it was probably me.

The Dell is our favourite walk, it's leafy shady hollows
are particular enchanting at this time of year and we
have spent pleasant days exploring the small charming
nooks and have had many adventures.

Just as we turned into the Goblins Valley, a mysterious
and quite beautiful secluded part of the dell, I saw an old
gentleman staring at what I thought was his wallet.

We approached the gentleman to greet him with a cheery salutation.

"Good day sir." I said.

"Ah good day to you." he replied without looking up from his wallet.

It was then I noticed that it was not a wallet but a
pocket chess set and the gentleman was studying a position
that was set up on the tiny chess board.

"Ahh." I said, "A fellow traveler of the 64 squares."
"I beg your pardon?" he replied.
"A comrade of the majestic game... A chess players"
"Oh, I see." he relied, "Yes I play the odd game."

I leaned forward, not getting too close as that would
be very impolite. I noticed he was studying what appeared
an ending.

"A problem?" I asked.
"Not quite," he replied and then added;
"It's one of the games I downloaded from the Chess
Scotland site. Black lost but I think I found have a defence."

"How delightful to meet a fellow member of the S.C.A." I stated.
"Oh I'm not a member." he replied and carried on staring
at the small red and white plastic chessmen.

I noticed a small moss covered boulder a few feet away.
I picked it up and dealt the gentleman a heavy dunt
to the back of his head. He fell down unconscious.

I shall not detain the reader with the exact details of
how me and Tom Floppy Ears managed to get the polite stranger
to the local police station. Suffice to say it was very tiring.

"Hello again Mr Chandler..." said Sergeant Parker,
"...and what can we do for you this time."

This gentleman." I said pointing to the groaning body at my feet.
"Downloaded games from the Chess Scotland site even though
he is not a member of the S.C.A."

"Ahh." sighed Sergeant Parker as he came around from behind his desk.
"I think you will find that you do not have to be a member of the
S.C.A. to download games from the Chess Scotland site."

Aren't our police wonderful:
It always amazes me how they seem to know every letter of
the law without consulting a book or even asking a colleague.

So Sergeant Parker and myself sat the gentleman up in a chair
and slowly revived him. Fortunately, after I had knocked the
gentleman out, I had the foresight to pick up the pocket
chess set and began looking the position myself.

"I see what the move is." I said. "Black can draw this."

Sergeant Parker was giving the gentleman a glass of water
which appeared to have an immediate effect in restoring
him to his senses.

"I thought so too." replied the gentleman rubbing the back of his head.

Here is the position. A. Stalker v W.Burnett SNCL 2005.
White has just played 65 f6 Black replied 65...Ne8 66 Ba4+ and Black resigned.

Black can draw with 66 Ke8. One variation.

65...Ke8 66.Bb3 (66.fxg7 Kf7) 66...Kf8 67.Bc4 Nh5
68.f7 Nf6 69.Kf5 Ne8 70.Kg6 Nf6 etc.etc.

So with the problem solved the three of us adjourned
to The Cross Eyed Swan where the first round was on
a rather embarrassed me. Cheers!

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