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The New British English Chess Logo

How stupid is that?

I'm typing this and waiting for Match of the Day to come on.
I'm watching the final piece of the News and they do a Football report.

"Now if you do not want to know the scores, then look away."

The games finished 5 hours ago. This malarky is stupid.

What do they do before they show a WWII film.

"Now if you do not want to know who won, then look away."

This is a silly carry on.

Ok men - onto the Chess.

Above is the new English logo.
Everyone I know has been emailed with it.
Infact a notice appeared on the Scottish
Notice Board warning people about it.

So the English Federation are no longer calling
themselves the British Chess Federation.
Now all they need do is bring their grading
system in line with the rest of the planet.
I'm fed up adding 60 multiplying by 800 adding
the day of the month and subtracting your D.O.B.

The logo is bit predictable -
they could have had a laugh.

A.Ruthven v K.Main
This game was sent in to my response for past
brilliancies that lay forgotten in old score books.

For those of you who like Fritz evaluations, let me tell
you that round about moves 26 & 27 Fritz gave white's
position a -12. White at the time was a Rook and Bishop down
with absolutely no counter play. Yet White wins!

A classic from Bos v Corstorphine, 11.11.1985

Oops nearly forgot.
If you don't want to know the result, look away now.

[Click here to replay the game]
A. Ruthven - K.Main

1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 d6 3.Bc4 Nf6 4.d3 Nc6 5.c3 e6 6.Bg5 Be7 7.Bb5 0-0 8.Nbd2 e5 9.Bxc6 bxc6 10.d4 cxd4 11.cxd4 exd4 12.Nxd4 Qb6 13.N4b3 Bb7 14.Nc4 Qb4+ 15.Nbd2 Rfe8 16.0-0 Rad8 17.Qf3 d5 18.Qg3 dxc4 19.Bh6 Nh5 20.Qg4 g6 21.Nf3 Bc8 22.a3 Qxb2 23.Rab1 c3 24.Rxb2 cxb2 25.Rb1 Bxg4 26.h3 Be6 27.Rxb2 Rd1+ 28.Kh2 Red8 29.Bd2 Bxa3 30.Rc2 c5 31.g4 Nf6 32.Bg5 Bb3 33.Re2 R8d6 34.e5 Bc4 35.Rc2 Bb3 36.Rc3 Rb6 37.Bxf6 Bb2 38.Re3 a5 39.e6 fxe6 40.Bxb2 a4 41.Re5 Rc6 42.Ng5 Rd2 43.Ba3 Rxf2+ 44.Kg3 Rc2 45.Ne4 c4 46.Nf6+ Kh8 47.h4 Ba2 48.Bf8 Rc3+ 49.Kf4 Bb1 50.Ra5 Bc2 51.Ra8 e5+ 52.Kg5 Rc7 53.Bh6+

G.Chandler - G.Dickinson
I can beat that. Fritz shows my position as being -17
on move 32 then it finds a mate in 9 for Black starting
with 32...Qc1+. After my 33rd move black he let out a loud
yell and the controllers actually had to stop the clocks
whilst they calmed him down. (yes I should played 18 Rxc6).
The Glasgow Allegro 1985.

[Click here to replay the game]
G.Chandler - G.Dickinson

1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 3.e5 c5 4.c3 Nc6 5.Nf3 Qb6 6.Bd3 h6 7.0-0 Bd7 8.dxc5 Bxc5 9.b4 Be7 10.a4 d4 11.a5 Qc7 12.cxd4 Bxb4 13.Ba3 Bxa3 14.Nxa3 Nxa5 15.Rc1 Qd8 16.Nb5 Bxb5 17.Bxb5+ Nc6 18.Qa4 Nge7 19.d5 exd5 20.e6 0-0 21.exf7+ Rxf7 22.Nd4 Nxd4 23.Qxd4 a6 24.Ba4 Rc8 25.Bc2 Rc7 26.Qd3 Qc8 27.Qh7+ Kf8 28.Qh8+ Ng8 29.Bh7 Rxc1 30.Bxg8 Rxf1+ 31.Kxf1 Qc4+ 32.Ke1 Re7+ 33.Be6

A new request here. Who has the Largest turn around on a
minus Fritz evaluation. Mine does not count because there
is actually a mate in 9. So send me your swindles.

Now something that makes it all seem worthwhile.

Dear Geoff,
I read your column frequently even though I am visually impaired.
I wonder if you could use me as a subject for a future column.

I am a visually handicapped Chess player born and living in Greenock.
In the last year, I have played in the Braille World Cup as a member
of the Great Britain team, finished joint runner up in the British
Braille Championships, and I qualified for a FIDE rating from an
international braille tournament in Poland, where I finished 17th Equal
after being seeded 32nd out of 33!

The Top 3 Braille players in the world were there as well as
the Ladies World Braille Champion. I came on the FIDE list
this January at 2060.

The Highlight for me in Poland was to play the former
World Braille Champion Vladimir Berlinsky of Russia.

This year I am going to play in Holland, Poland again and in October
I will be going to play in the World Braille Chess Championships
in Goa India.

This will be subject to finding sponsors of course.

I enclose some of my recent games which you
might find interesting enough for your column.

Stephen Hilton.

Quite a CV.
Of the two games sent I have chosen a game Stephen played
against Michael Dyer. A complicated King's Indian.
Note White's opening plan. Be2 with a delayed Nf3. This is designed
to make black's Queen's Bishop struggle to get into the game
and in some cases back up an h4-h5 attack.

This position arose with Black to play. Black must have
thought he was winning a piece with 20...Nd3+

White played 21 Qxd3! winning back the Queen
and obtaining a very strong a few moves later.
A well played game with a lot of instructive
variations sitting in the background.

[Click here to replay the game]
S.Hilton - M.Dyer

1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.Nc3 Bg7 4.e4 d6 5.Be2 0-0 6.Bg5 h6 7.Be3 e5 8.d5 a5 9.Qd2 Kh7 10.h3 Nbd7 11.Nf3 Ng8 12.g4 Nc5 13.0-0-0 Bd7 14.Rdg1 c6 15.h4 cxd5 16.exd5 f5 17.gxf5 gxf5 18.Ng5+ Kh8 19.f4 e4 20.Bd4 Nd3+ 21.Qxd3 exd3 22.Bxg7+ Kxg7 23.Ne6+ Kh7 24.Nxd8 Raxd8 25.Bxd3 Nf6 26.Re1 Rde8 27.Rhg1 Nh5 28.Rxe8 Rxe8 29.Ne2 Re3 30.Kd2 Rf3 31.Nd4 Rxf4 32.Ne6 Bxe6 33.dxe6 Ng7 34.e7 Ne8 35.Ke3 Rxh4 36.Bxf5+ Kh8 37.Be6 Nf6 38.Bd5 Rh5 39.e8Q+ Nxe8 40.Rg8+ Kh7 41.Rxe8 b5 42.Re7+ Kh8 43.Bf3 Rh2 44.cxb5 Rxb2 45.a4 Rb3+ 46.Kf2 Ra3 47.Re4 Rb3 48.Rd4 Ra3 49.b6

I was looking at the position trying to put
up some stiffer endgame resistance.
(a gut feeling telling me there were tricks on board).

Look at this position.

Black played 37...Nf6. A better try was 37...Rh5
with the idea of Re5+. 38 Rg8+ Kh7 39 Rxe8 Re5+
This is the trap. Would white go for the c-pawn?

40 Kf5!! Rxe6 41 Kf5 Re2 42 Kf6.

And we see why 40 Kf5!! instead of 40 Kd4? which
looks very plausible getting the c-pawn.

If White had played 40 Kd4 we would get this position.

And you can see black can check the white king away
from protecting the e-pawn thus freeing the Rook.
Meanwhile the black h-pawn suddenly looks very big.

After 40 Kf5!! white uses the d-pawn to mask the Rook
checks. The King holds the e-pawn freeing the Rook.

An idea worth storing in the grey cells.
Thanks Stephen and good luck getting sponsorship.

J. Redpath - J. Clifford
Scottish NAtional League 2005/2006.
Here is a cracker. Joe Redpath is on the ropes after possibly
underestimating the strength of 9...Bb4+ or over estimating
the strength of his move 9 Qa4 (9 a3 was better).
Joe ends up the exchange down and digs in putting obstacles
in his opponent's path making the win as difficult as possible.

One clear win for black arrives in this position deep in the allegro.

Black played 47...Ra5. The win is 47...Rb5!.

A draw was agreed after 57 Kxa3 I have played on a few
more moves just to demonstrate the draw. A long hard game.

[Click here to replay the game]
J. Redpath - J. Clifford

1.d4 d5 2.Nf3 c6 3.c4 Bf5 4.cxd5 cxd5 5.Qb3 Qc7 6.Nc3 e6 7.Nb5 Qb6 8.Bf4 Na6 9.Qa4 Bb4+ 10.Nc3+ Ke7 11.e3 Bxc3+ 12.bxc3 Qb2 13.Rd1 Bc2 14.Qa5 Bxd1 15.Bxa6 Rc8 16.Kxd1 bxa6 17.Qxa6 Qxc3 18.Qxa7+ Ke8 19.Qa4+ Qc6 20.Qxc6+ Rxc6 21.Re1 f6 22.Re2 Ne7 23.Rb2 Kf7 24.Ne1 Ra8 25.Nc2 g5 26.Bg3 Nf5 27.Rb7+ Kg6 28.a3 Nxg3 29.hxg3 Rac8 30.Rb2 h5 31.Kd2 h4 32.gxh4 gxh4 33.Ra2 Kf5 34.Nb4 Rb6 35.Ke2 Ra8 36.Nc2 Rb3 37.Kf3 Kg5 38.a4 Rb7 39.Ne1 e5 40.dxe5 fxe5 41.Ke2 e4 42.Nc2 Rab8 43.Ra3 Rb3 44.Rxb3 Rxb3 45.Kd2 Kg4 46.a5 Rb5 47.a6 Ra5 48.Nb4 h3 49.gxh3+ Kxh3 50.Kc3 Kg2 51.Kd4 Kxf2 52.Nxd5 Kf3 53.Nc7 Ra4+ 54.Kc5 Kxe3 55.Kb6 Kf3 56.a7 Rxa7 57.Kxa7 e3 58.Nb5 Ke4 59.Nc3+ Kd3 60.Nd5 e2 61.Nf4+

Finally. One of the girls from the Women's World Championship
emailed me for one of my knitted jumpers.

And yes I'm using my running knitting pattern gag
as an excuse to post a picture of a pretty girl chess player.

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